Est. December 7,1787

"where separate is illegal"

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Delaware is the best because................

  • it's is religiously free
  • mild climate with warm summer and mild winters good for agriculture
  • good farmland, timber ,furs and coal. Iron ore which was a typically important and useful resource.


  1. established by Swedish settlers
  2. where old swedes church was constructed
  3. Delaware was the first of the original colonies to turn to a state
  4. The south of Delaware was covered with 30,000 acres of swampland
  5. in 1775 Delaware was governed as a proprietary colony
  6. Delaware was first known as the Delaware colony
  7. Delaware was referred to as the breadbasket colony because it was known for its many crops especially wheat
  8. Delaware was once part of Pennsylvania
  9. major towns in delaware included Georgetown, Wilmington
  10. landscapes include Atlantic coastal plains, flat lowlands