Claxton Goes to Washington DC

Information for Washington DC

Early Check in for medicine

Ms. Turner will be offering an early check in day on Monday April 6th from 3:00-3:30 in the front office. You will need to bring the medication and doctor's note that is signed by your doctor.

Visiting the Capitol Building

Before entering the Capitol Visitor Center, all visitors are screened by a magnetometer and all items that are permitted inside the building are screened by an x-ray device. The following items are strictly prohibited in the Capitol, including the Capitol Visitor Center:

· Liquid, including water

· Food or beverages of any kind, including fruit and unopened packaged food

· Aerosol containers

· Non-aerosol spray (Prescriptions for medical needs are permitted.)

· Any pointed object, e.g. knitting needles and letter openers (Pens and pencils are permitted.)

· Any bag larger than 18" wide x 14" high x 8.5" deep

· Battery-operated electronic devices (medical devices are permitted)

· Cameras

· Cans and bottles

· Creams, lotions or perfume

· Packages, briefcases, backpacks or suitcases

· Strollers

· Video recorders or any type of recording device

Items not permitted in the Capitol Building can be left on the bus for this stop on our trip.