Cray Cray Celeb Pets!!

Which One Do You Want?

There are many perks to being famous, but many people probably wouldn’t think of buying crazy pets. Some celebs have purchased pets like tigers, pigs, tortoises, alligators, deer, and lions. Let us look at some more.

Ever heard of a Kinkajou? Paris Hilton has. Her kinkajou, Baby Luv, is a raccoon-like animal. One morning at 3am it bit her in Paris’ left arm.

Michael Jackson had a 375 pound, 13 year old tiger. The tiger sadly passed away from lung cancer. Mike Tyson also has a tiger that cost $4,000 to take care of. Tyson owns two pet pigeons too.

The Twlight star Kirsten Stewart has a wolf-dog hybrid. Its name is Jack. Do you know who Honky and Tonky are? They are Reese Witherspoon’s donkeys. But now they are making noise and angering Reese’s neighbors.

Ever dreamed of having an octopus? Probably not, but Nicholas Cage has one. He claimed it was helping him with his acting. Let us just say he doesn’t have the pet any more.

So my question remains, what cray cray pet with you chose? I’m pretty sure I will just stick with my dogs and cats.