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Library Information you Need to Know

A New Library Database?

Did you know that you and the students have access to a variety of information through our databases? We currently have access to several EBSCO databases such as

Primary Search for magazine articles from children's magazines, The Nonfiction Database which includes excerpts from nonfiction ebooks and reference sources, and ERIC for educational articles. In addition, remember we have access to Encyclopedia Britannica and Culture Grams. All of these resources are great for students in 3rd-5th grade.

Check out this new option for nonfiction information for students in K-2nd grade at PebbleGo. The username is mylibrary and the password is school to access our trial. Using these databases is a great way to infuse more nonfiction texts into the curriculum. Let me know what you think! We have a trial until April 15.

Web Tools

Have you ever heard of the site This website has a variety of lesson plans to teach students basic comprehension skills. All lessons are alligned to the Common Core and incorporate children's literature. If our libraries do not have a particular title for a lesson, let us know and we can recommend an alternative title.

Need a website to supplement your math lessons? Try Cyberchase from PBS Kids. This site for students in grades 3-5 provides videos about math concepts, problem solving challenges, and printable activities.

What to encourage students to write and create unique projects? We do have programs on the computers such as MaxShow and Kidpix. Have you ever heard of Biteslide? This is an engaging program that allows children to explore their creativity and share what they have learned by making a slidebook. You can click on the link above for a short demo and explore the site. There is a free version. If you would like help using this resource with your class just let us know.

Another Video Source

The library does have a wide variety of videos to incorporate into your curriculum and we have access to online videos through Discovery Education. Would you like more access to online video content? Check out Safari Montage. They have videos from the most trusted educational sources such as Bill Nye, Schlessinger Media, National Geographic, School House Rock, and many more. Let me know what you think about this resource.
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