Analyzing Malvolio

Malvolio identity

He views himself normal not crazy at all. Even tho everyone thinks hes crazy by doing all these thing to catch Olivia's attention. He believes that him and Olivia were meant to be and are meant for each other. He believes she can help her out since hes been locked up by doing all these things to get her attention. In the play its says "Good fool, help me to some light and some paper. i tell thee, I am well in my wits as any man in Illyria"(IV.ii.96-97). This shows that he wants to right a letter to Olivia because he thinks hes normal and that Olivia will help him. When in reality she really does like or finds him attractive.

Malvolio Gender

Malvolio hes a man in the play. Hes middle class which means he get some of respect. But hes also a servant in the play. they find him weird and crazy for thinking he has a chance with Olivia. He does all these thing to impress her that she supposedly likes, But in reality hes getting prank and making himself look dumb. And because of that people start calling him crazy thinking he has a problem. In the play it says "Madam, you have done me wrong, Notorious wrong."(IV.iiiii.18-19). This shows that because of the note they gave believing it was from Olivia, now he is saying its her fault for him to go through all this torture.

Malvolio Perception

Other characters see Malvolio as a weird person. They see him as a weird person because they've seen him talk to himself. Other characters also think he is very dumb and slow and easy to believe at what they tell him. They think that because of the note he got from Viola thinking it was actually her when it wasn't. But in the other side he thinks hes normal like every other person. He feels like he is doing everything right and is not crazy. In the play it says"Fool, there was never a man so notoriously abused: I am as well in my wits, Fool, as thou art."(IV.iiii.77-78). This shows that Malvolio is explaining to hi that he is not crazy or weird that he is just like him.

Similarities/ Differences

We are very different in many ways. We are very different because people don't think I am weird, and also people respect me a lot not like Malvolio where everyone talks about him. People also think Malvolio is very weird by trying all these things trying to impress/ get a girl. And me in the other hand would never do any crazy thing over a girl. And that is how me and Malovolio are different.

Malvolio Movie Identity

Malvolio in the film thinks that he is very smart and knows everything. He also thinks he is attractive to girls at the school he goes to. A moment where this shows this claim is when they were in lunch and Malvolio goes up to a girl that think is hot. Instead of impressing her he embarrassed his self by saying facts about her sandwich. This shows that in the film Mavolio is really nerdy and tries to hard to impress people. So that is how Malvolio can be identified.

Malvolio Gender Movie

Malvolio is very nerdy in the movie which cots him a lot. He struggles to get the girls he wants because he does not know how to approach her. He also talks a lot to himself when he is alone to try and plan things out on what to do next. He also tries to be smart in class and says weird stuff during experiments. This all shows that he struggles with himself by not knowing how to approach me and also not knowing what to say.

Malvolio Perception Movie

Other characters in the movie view Malvolio as an annoying person. They view him also as a nerd in the movie. They view him like this because he is always in everyone business or tries to figure out people business. He is also the nerd in the class because he tries to be smart in front of people, and he also has a lot of knowledge. In the movie in the part during lunch when he went up to her and just started stating facts about her sandwich. That made him look like a nerd. This how he reallly is and its really different how he think he is.

Malvolio Similarities and Differences

Me and Malvolio are very different. We are different because i don talk to myself and Im also not a nerd. I dont try hard to impress a girl how Malvolio does. I also dont try to get involve in any people business. i try to mine my own and just do me. And Malvolio is the complete opposite. That how we are very different.