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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

Commit to Excellence

Where are you on the Wheel of Excellence? Are you focused? Do you have distraction control? Are you open to on-going learning? Are you mentally prepared? What is your level of commitment? Do you have positive images of your students being successful? How confident are you in your teaching? As I have shared before, commitment to excellence resonates with me. Each day is a blessing. I think of it as a privilege to work with you and our students. I hope that you do too. Let's make the most of EVERY day. Continue to strive for excellence. BELIEVE in yourself and your students. Push them like you never thought you could. They will rise to the occasion; I promise.

In planning for the next school year I would like to take a core group of teachers to the Eric Jenson Teaching with Poverty in Mind 3 day training in San Antonio in July. As a part of on-going learning, I believe this will benefit our students tremendously. I have had several teachers respond. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP. I will take as many as we can afford. If we sign up early, we will get a discount and may be able to take more.


Thank you to Mrs. Marak, Mrs. Rhodes and our 5th grade teachers for a fantastic transition to middle school night.

Thank you to Mrs. Miller for her assistance in fourth grade on Friday!

Thank you to Mrs. Rossman, Ms. R, Mrs. Greenlee and Mrs. Saenz for participating in Erin's Lanyards on Saturday morning. What a great cause for our students to be involved in.

Maximizing Minutes

Keep maximizing those minutes! Every minute matters. Pacing should be brisk. There should be minimal minutes lost in transitions, lines, restroom breaks, etc. Let's make every last minute meaningful! Stretch those brains. Kids should feel tired at the end of the day from working so hard!


95% of the activities I observe are aligned. Recently I have observed unaligned activities scattered about the building mainly through the use of pinterest. I am going to ask that you NOT use pinterest activities unless they are in the TNT OR you have talked with Mrs. Dawson or Mrs. Miller about the activity. They may steer you back to the TNT. Use the TNT before venturing out. If you are struggling with this PLEASE work with Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Miller. They are here to help.

I encourage each of you to attend the collaboratives that are provided by the instructional coaches. They will be adding more content areas. Also, your coaches are a great resource for planning!


Reminder about grades. Grades should reflect mastery of the SEs taught. (Nothing more, nothing less) Be careful about homework grades as some students do not get homework completed because of many things that are out of their control. Some students get help and the homework may be more a reflection of their parents help than their skills.

Please remember that grades should be input weekly so that parents and students are clear on how students are doing throughout the 6 weeks. Please refer to grading guidelines if you have questions.

Benchmark Testing

Benchmark testing is on the horizon. It is critical that students take this test very seriously and do their very best. PLEASE set the stage for best efforts on this test. Information from this assessment will guide instructional decisions for the spring. These tests will be conducted with the same security and seriousness as STAAR. Thank you for your hard work in preparing students for the next grade level. This will show on benchmark day. I am sure of it!

Parent Night

We have our next parent prep academy on February 16th. The focus will be math, science and STAAR information. Please make sure the spreadsheet is completed showing which teachers will be responsible for teaching in the morning and evening. Please make sure you have let me know if you need to order something. Let's make this very meaningful for parents and give them some great tools for them to take home! Thank you for all you do to make this great for our families!


  • It's time to change out student work in the hallways. Student work is a reflection of the expectations at Henderson. It makes kids proud to have work up in the hallways. Please make sure student's best work is up and it represents the high caliber of work that students are producing. Please have new work up by Friday.
  • The book fair and parent night have been changed to the week of the 16-19th. Please adjust accordingly. Parent night/performance and art show will be on the 16th.
  • The next Platicas meeting for elementary bilingual and ESL teachers is February 1st.

Congratulations to Alex Bryant, Teacher of the Month for February!

Mark Your Calendar!


1-5 National Counselor's Week-Let's show appreciation for our counselor!

2-19 Jump Rope for Heart

3 Faculty Meeting-TELPAS Training-this is a change

8 PTO Meeting-changed to Monday due to middle school informational night conflict

9 Techy Time

4th Writing/5th Math Benchmarks

LPAC Decision Making (3-5 ELL teachers) 4:00 @ Fannin

PTO Meeting 6:00

10 5th Reading Benchmark

Faculty Meeting

11 Techy Time

12 Valentine's Day Parties (All parties will be at 2:30pm except 1st grade will be at 1:45pm)

15 TE Day

16-19 Book Fair

16 Spring Pictures (Classroom pictures will start at 9:30 after the Parent Prep)

Parent Prep Academy/2nd Grade Program/2nd Grade Art Show

17 Faculty Meeting-TELPAS Calibration

22 Big Kahuna Kick off and Henderson Harmonics 2:30pm

2/22 trough 3/8 Big Kahuna Spring Fundraiser

26 Awards

27 Henderson Harmonics perform at the Empty Bowls