Rutherford County NCAE Newsletter

Why Join NCAE?

Guess what? It's not about the liability insurance! It' MUCH more!

Here's why YOU should join NCAE:

NCAE is the VOICE for public education in North Carolina. NCAE continually advocates and lobbies on behalf of our students and our members. Our mission is to strengthen and build public schools? With NCAE you get up-to-the-minute news about what is affecting you as an educator-and even as a parent/grandparent NCAE believes that strong public schools make for a stronger North Carolina!

While NCAE is a part of the 3 million-member National Education Association, Rutherford County NCAE is as LOCAL as can be-there are local leaders as well local field staff available to assist you. When you have a question you don't have to go looking for who to call-YOU know who to call! The NCAE rep at your school can get you in touch with local leaders who CAN answer or find the answer out ASAP! That's OUR promise to you!

ALL Members have immediate access to our Legal Advocacy Center-which is used for all types of employment-related questions, such ad evaluation concerns and contract and licensure issues. We have policy experts who will answer your questions ASAP. Never take a "wait and see" attitude-ask NCAE! Most situations are handled simply and smoothly.

Joining NCAE is like joining a large teacher family. You have the opportunity to meet educators form all over the state and country. NCAE offers relevant professional development, new teacher support, and National Board support. the experience of other NC teachers are invaluable and through NCAE lifelong friendships are born!

In short, Rutherford County NCAE is here for your Local activities including our soon to be "We Support Public Education" event scheduled for November 7th, Spindale House lawn, sponsorship of member-driven activities, Regional Conference October 3, Western Carolina Community College campus; and lots of information Our Facebook page will keep you up to date on news.

There are member benefits-NEA and NCAE together have a wealth of money saving options for you, but peace of mind is the true benefit with NCAE.

Rutherford County NCAE Local Officers:

President: Sharon Lowery, R.S. Middle School

Vice-President: Londa Von Weter, Rutherfordton Elementary

Secretary: Michelle Wikins Webber, Rutherfordton Elementary

Treasurer: Sue Collin, R.S. Middle School

More information, contact Sharon Lowery or your school rep.

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