Romeo Montague

only son of Montague family

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About Romeo Montague +_+

welcome to my profile page. I'm currently in love with Juliet (my secret wife) whom i love very deeply. I am from the Montague family. I also am a peace maker of some sort, i never want to see any violence. I come from a fairy rich family , thus i have a fairly decent education. Currently live in Verona Italy.


The only woman i'm interested in is Juliet Capulet. My favorite book is the notebook, i think the romance in it is very good and very descriptive. My favorite movie is " things i love about you" my hobbies are partying, finding love and enjoying life.

JUst found a new book called the note book. Binged read half the book. Note to self must find more romance books.

Capulet party

Tuesday, Aug. 18th, 9pm

Capulet's Garden, Adam Street, Burnley, Victoria, Australia

Burnley, VIC

come and party with me
Taylor Swift - Love Story


this song remind me of my relationship with my one sweet love JULIET

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