Emma Jewell

About Myself!

Hi, my name is Apollo, and I am the Apollo 13 spacecraft. Have you ever wondered about one of the first trip to the moon? Well if you have what a coincident! I have a mission to tell the world about my trip to space and how I did it. I will be sent in April of 1970, to land on the moon

I stand 364 feet tall. I have lots of compartments and pieces to me including a command module. The command module is the only part that makes it to the moon, and back to earth.

Once I was far from earth BANG! I suddenly start to shake! I knew exactly what it was; it was an electric fault blowing up an oxygen tank. They had to find a way to go back to earth. Thankfully the amazing flight directors found the safest way, and we could still go to the moon. This plan may not end well because my Lunar Module Engine isn’t made for this type of thing. But let’s see!

We scheduled to land on a place called Fra Mauro. But I landed in the Sea of Tranquillity. It is still the moon! This part was much more flat then where we were supposed to land. The trip was successful!


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