December 2013 eLC

Blackboard Collaborate Training

Welcome back!

Happy December!

This month's eLC is focused on getting all NCVPS teachers ready for saying goodbye to Wimba and saying hello to Blackboard (Bb) Collaborate! We will officially move to Bb Collaborate for spring semester, so it is time to make sure we know how to use the Live Classroom. We have enjoyed our time with Wimba, but it is a product no longer supported by Blackboard. So goodbye, Old Friend Wimba! We are excited to welcome Bb Collaborate to the NCVPS family.

We will designate two weeks to the Bb Collaborate training. We encourage you to finish by December 20th but if you want to work on this over the holiday break, you certainly can. Please be finished by January 6th.

ILs, grading directions will come from your Instructional Director!

Blackboard Collaborate training

Below are your directions on how to get started with this training. JUST AN FYI: As of today, Monday, December 9th, there are some kinks with the practice rooms. We are aware and tech is in the processing of fixing those!

  1. Go to Professional Learning for Teachers in Moodle -- same place where the Three Pillars PL is located.
  2. Click on the course, Blackboard Collaborate PL.
  3. This PL is designed to complete at your own pace -- plan on about an hour for this training.
  4. The main topic will include an image and essential questions.
  5. Read those questions and complete the learning segments underneath.
  6. These segments include either pdfs, video screen casts, and/or learning objects.
  7. This Professional Learning is organized as follows:
    *Welcome and Introduction
    *Essential How Tos
    *Sandbox Play
    *Digging Deeper
    *Evaluation and Feedback
  8. The Sandbox room is intended for you to jump in and play with the room features and put into practice some of what you have learned.
  9. Complete the quiz and feedback when finished with the training.
  10. If there are any questions still remaining after going through this PL, please add those to the forum, "Questions about Collaborate."

So Goodbye Wimba and Hello Bb Collaborate!

  1. We will still have access to Wimba for you to use to finish out Fall Semester.
  2. Official move to Bb Collaborate begins with the Spring Semester start.
  3. You will receive directions SOON on how to archive Wimba sessions you want to keep.
  4. If you have specific questions about this Bb Collaborate training, please email James Bell at