Component 1C

Setting Instructional Outcomes

Quest Overview

  • In this quest, you will learn about Danielson component 1C.
  • You will read about the Danielson component 1C (understanding what it is, why it is important, what the elements are embedded within the component, and ways you can show it in your digital portfolio).
  • The explore part of this quest you will complete a write up for Component 1C in your digital portfolio. To document your learning, you will take a screenshot of your write up in your digital portfolio and upload it to My GCC.
  • The synthesis part of the quest is to tweet out a connection between this component and ISTE, growth mindset, SAMR, another education class, or your future classroom. Upload a screenshot of your tweet to My GCC.
  • This Quest should take you no more than two hours to complete at most.


The guiding questions for this quest include:

  • What is component 1C?
  • Why is it important?
  • What are the elements associated with component 1C?
  • What are the artifacts you can create to demonstrate competency in component 1C in your digital portfolio?

Understanding Component 1C: Setting Instructional Outcomes

What is Component 1C?

  • Instructional objectives inform students about what they are going to learn during a lesson.
  • Objectives are important because they show students what they will be able to do or learn as a result of the lesson.
  • These outcomes must be related to state standards, curriculum guides, and the common core.

Why do we need to know about component 1C?

  • Component 1C is important, because teachers must:
    • Have a focus for each activity, which is guided by the state standards
    • Understand and show the students what they will learn as a result of a lesson.
    • Reflect important learning in a topic area during a given lesson.
    • Understand that learning outcomes should reflect a variety of knowledge domains: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
    • Relate learning outcomes not only to their specific content area, but other content areas as well. Think cross curricular.


Possible artifacts

Artifacts for component 1C could include the following:
  • Lesson plans (units) aligned to curriculum
  • Instructional outcomes are identified in the lesson plan or listed on the board.
  • Examples of activities/units that display a spectrum of outcomes
  • Lessons that display differentiation of products, process, or content.
  • Assessments that show outcomes are achieved.
  • Sample objectives related to one lesson


Danielson, C. (2007). Enhancing professional practice a framework for teaching (2nd ed.). Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.


  • Open your component 1C page in your digital portfolio
  • Upload a screenshot of your digital portfolio component 1C with write up to My GCC.
  • Be sure to publish your website!
  • Complete a write up on your component 1C page that describes in your words and citing Danielson to the following questions:

  1. What is component 1C?
  2. Why do you need it?
  3. What are the elements?
  4. What are some artifacts you can use to show competency with component 1C?
  • Try to be original here don't just write down my ideas. Include materials that you may have from other classes.

Synthesis & Tech

Tweet out a connection between component 1C and one of the following:


2. Growth Mindset


4. Another education class

5. Application for your future classroom

6. The 4 C's

Be sure to use the class hashtag #gccedu and take a screenshot to upload to My GCC!