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A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of January 15, 2018

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • Reserve the January Makerspace Cart!
  • No school on MLK Day on Monday, January 15
  • MOY Rigby (Gr 3-5) Starts on Tuesday, January 16
  • UIL Competitions in library on Tuesday, January 16 **Library Closed**
  • KID Inventors Day on Wednesday, January 17
  • Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, January 17 in the CAFETERIA
  • Parent Involvement Event on Thursday, January 18 at 5:30 pm
  • Region 12 Math Coaching with Mr. A on Thursday, January 18
  • Reading PLC on Friday, January 19
  • Region 12 Science Day with 5th Grade on Friday, January 19 **Library Closed**
  • UIL Meet on Saturday, January 20 at UHS at 8:00 am-4:00 pm

COMING UP! Writing Coachingon 1/23, MOY RTI Updates with Maynard Week of 1/29

Calendar Link:


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the UIL Meet on Saturday, January 20 at University High School. If you can help out, even just for an hour, we would appreciate your help! Email Mrs. Helton if interested. UIL Coaches are expected to attend the event. See attachment below for schedule of events.

Reading PLC

We will be discussing LLI during our reading PLC this Friday, January 19. Please bring your current LLI lessons for reference.

Monthly Reading Challenges

Please allow students to complete the monthly reading challenges at home rather in the classroom. They were created to foster discussions among students and their families about reading at home.

From Your Captain

Team collaboration is a campus and district expectation. Remember that one person from each grade level should be documenting team meetings using the link below. If you haven't been using this form, please do so going forward.

If your classroom schedule has changed, make you update it in Google Drive ASAP. Schedule Folder is found here:

Make sure you have opened Progress Monitoring forms for the 4th six weeks in Eduphoria. Refer to Mrs. Maynard "How To" Sheet so that you are following guidelines for writing goals and interventions for the 4th six weeks. Link to "How To" here:

Goals should be structured according to the directions that Ms. Maynard provided you. If you need assistance, see Mrs. Maynard or Mrs. Helton

Triad Observations will be due on Wednesday, February 14. The focus this six weeks in TTESS Dimension 2.1-Achieving Expectations. Please review this TTESS dimension. The student-created games fit well with this dimension. Record your TTESS observations using this form:

Here is an interesting social lesson to help students see the value in others using the book "The Invisible Boy."

Here is a lesson for discussing classroom expectations using the book "What If Everybody Did That?"

January Makerspace

This month, we will be reading Galimoto. This is a precious book about a boy in Malawi, Africa that uses wires and other things he finds to create a motorcar. It's a great lesson on being thankful for the blessings we have in the US. It also teaches perseverance and resourcefulness.

The Makerspace challenge will have students design a new toy using only Legos. You can view the lesson plans here:

Starting this month, Mrs. Helton will be doing more math interventions, so she will not be as available to do the activity with your class. However, the lesson is simple and easy to follow and adapt to fit the needs of your class. Plus, there is NO PREP! Please send Mrs. Helton a time to reserve the cart.

Conscious Discipline

Weekly Commitment: We will be safe by following the teacher's directions.

GT Nominations

The window for GT Nominations for Kindergarten is open NOW until January 31. Teachers in grades 2-5 can also nominate students through February 28, but students won't be served until next school year.

To access the forms, click below:

You will need to print and complete the following forms (with parent signature/input): Checklist, Nomination Form, Teacher Questionnaire, Parent Questionnaire, Student Questionnaire (grades 2 and up). Turn completed forms into Mrs. Helton and see her for any questions!

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Seesaw Reading Stations

Here is the link to the Seesaw reading station resources that Mrs. Helton shared at the December "Lunch & Learn."

If you would like her to come to your class and help you implement a SeeSaw activity as a reading station, please let her know!

College & Career Month

Email Mrs. Maynard your names/contacts for Career Day (February 8)!

This month we are celebrating college and career readiness! We encourage you and your students to discuss college and career during the month. Your class can earn House Points this month by doing activities related to career and college readiness (IE: door decoration or hallway work displayed, college/career project, special speaker, etc). Just email Mrs. Helton with your activity to earn points.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

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Behavior Team Notes

Happy New Year!!!

I wanted to take a minute a share an epiphany that I experienced this week with my child and I am hoping that by sharing this story with you, it may spark something for you and your classroom. So here it is…

I know that it is hard to believe, but I have an unmotivated learner that lives in my house. School is a struggle for my now freshman in high school. He would only attend classes for the social aspect and because his parents told him he had to go. He has only started showing any interest in being successful in the classroom because he needed to be eligible to play football or run track, but as soon as the season was over, the lack of motivation would reappear. We have tried the punishment stuff by grounding from electronics or from social events. We have tried the bribing thing where we would offer money, new sports gear, weekend hunting trips, etc. but none of the offers gave us the outcome that we were hoping for.

As we began preparing to return to school this semester, the only thing he would talk about was eating lunch with his friends or going to powerlifting practice. I will admit as a parent, I was discouraged. Then came Tuesday night. Kolton was running to the truck when I picked him up from powerlifting practice, he was grinning ear to ear. I assumed he reached a personal best in deadlift or squat press but I noticed he had three cards in his hands. As he jumped into the car he hands the cards to me and says, “Hey Christy, did you know that teachers notice you?” I sat speechless. He then goes on to say, “I figured since baseball season was coming up, I needed to put forth some effort before Christmas to try some of that studying stuff you talk about. I even moved myself to the front of the classroom like you said and look what I got.” I read the cards and teared up. They were notes from his teachers that noticed his change in attitude towards their classroom and they were notes of encouragement to keep doing what he was doing. Now, I know that it is still just the first week back for them but I will tell you that since Tuesday, there has been a difference in his attitude as it comes to school and his study habits.

I share this with you because a small act of noticing and encouragement might just be what the unmotivated student in your classroom needs. It maybe what your teacher neighbor next door or their classroom needs. Notice the small things and use words of encouragement to influence the change within your classroom environment and within our school family.

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Walk Throughs

The leadership team will be starting more frequent, quick walkthroughs with a focus on the District Super 7 (approximately 2 minutes long). District personnel are also expected to be doing similar walkthroughs soon. We will be using a template similar to the one attached below.
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Teach Like A Pirate

If you would like to read "Teach Like A Pirate" or "Learn Like A Pirate" or "Lead Like A Pirate" we have several copies in the office. These books are AWESOME!
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