Owl Notes



* MONDAY - Just a reminder, in the even you have forgotten, :) that Monday is a holiday from school from everyone.

* BIGGEST LOSER GROUP - See below if you are interested.

* WEEKEND TEMPS - Please be sure to winterize for the weekend as temps will drop into the high 20s. Stay warm and stay safe!!!

* REMIND 101 - As of January 28, Remind will NOT work with Verizon. Verizon will not send or receive messages off of the Remind 101 app.

* HRS - The Site Based team will be meeting in the conference room on Tuesday from 8:15 - 11:30. We will have a video conference with the Marzano group reviewing results from the survey completed before the holidays, listening to their suggestions and then discussing a plan to move our campus forward. Our goal is to be Level 1 certified by the end of the year.

* POSTER METHOD FRIDAY - Remember that Friday is Poster Method day.

* CISD HEALTH FAIR - Try to drop by the CISD Health Fair on Saturday morning. They always have an amazing group of vendors/presenters and lots of free goodies! You will need your badge for entrance so that you can be registered to win giveaways. These are good gifts usually like $50 gift cards to Academy.

TUTORIALS - We are going to do two rounds of after school tutorials in the spring. These will be on Tuesday and Thursday. This will be for third and fourth graders. We are in need of ALL to help us so that we can serve as many students as possible. They are paid positions. If you are interested in participating in tutorials, please email me and let me know. The first session will run from Jan 29 - March 7.

* TPOI - K- 2 teachers, if you have not taken the TPOI course, get with Kara.

* TELPAS - If you are new to Oak Ridge this year, Kara needs your certificate stating that you passed Calibration last year so that you can be exempt from the Basic Online Training.


If you are interested in losing some of the holiday weight that you might have gained, or just want to drop a few pounds with accountability, we are currently forming this group. It will be a short term group starting on Monday, January 28 and ending on Monday, February 25. We will have a few different categories where you can win a chance for a gift card.

1. Those who start and weigh in on ALL 5 Mondays will earn a surprise treat (low in calorie, of course). We will also put all the names in a drawing for a gift card.

2. Those who weigh in all 5 Mondays, Audra will figure largest weight loss percent and that person will earn a gift card.

3. Exercise is an important part of getting healthy. If you weigh in all five Mondays and exercise a minimum of 5 days at week, your name will go in a drawing for a gift card. (This will be on the honor system so please be honest!)


It's that time of year...Nominations are needed for Teacher of the Year and Humanitarian of the Year for Oak Ridge Elementary. Nominations can be made at the link below. Please submit your nominations by Wednesday. Voting will take place following nominations.

Conroe TSTA Award Ceremony to honor Conroe ISD Teachers, Humanitarians and Friends of Education will be held on May 9 @ The Woodlands United Methodist Church. I am copying what they sent me below as there are some changes to the nominating criteria of honorees this year.

Please use this link to make your nominations.


Teacher of the Year

Any teacher can be chosen to represent your campus as Teacher of the Year (TOY). The election of your campus’ Teacher of the Year should be conducted using a written secret ballot format. If your honored representative would like to be considered for the district level Elementary/Intermediate Teacher of the Year or the Junior/Senior High Teacher of the Year, they will write an essay describing their philosophy of education and attach a letter of recommendation from the campus principal. Both the essay and the principal recommendation will be submitted to me, Kary Freemyer. The submissions will then be reviewed and scored by non-ConroeISD readers from Sam Houston State University.

Humanitarian of the Year

Any campus staff member may be chosen as your Humanitarian of the Year (HOY) honoree. Each campus, regardless of size, will choose one representative. Election of this individual will also be conducted using a written secret ballot format. There is not a district level award for this honoree

Friend of Education

Any parent, community partner/volunteer, company or organization that has supported your campus this school year can be nominated and recognized at the Award Ceremony. The campus administrator will submit a brief letter explaining the honoree’s contribution to the school and they will be recognized at the Award Ceremony. No more than two Friends of Education (FOE) per campus please. The explanation letter(s) will be submitted to me, Kary Freemyer.


Yearly, Junior League of North Harris County and South Montgomery County offer a guest speaker to teacher/staff in area district, including CISD. This year the event will take place on Saturday, February 9 with doors opening at 8 and presentation starting at 9. DR. RICK RIGSBY will be the guest speaker this year. I've included a clip from him so that you can hear what we are in for that morning. If you are interested in attending, the link to Eduphoria registration is below. He sounds amazing!!!



* Felix Rodriguez - For helping to jump start a parent's car from the car rider line.

* Rachael Fuller and Angel Gomez-for donating clothes to the clinic! (Sorry I'm a little late)Audra

* Dusti Moran - Dedication and hard work to the Western Art Show! Great work was submitted!

Goals for 18-19

1. By December, all math teachers will be trained and will have implemented Poster Method twice a month.

2. Starting in January, teachers will focus on aligning two anchor stations with current learning in the classroom.

3. By the end of the school year, reading and writing teachers will be trained in the conferring process and create their own documentation of conferences.

Upcoming Dates


18 - Math Review Quiz

21 - MLK Holiday

22 - Site Based (CORE) - during the morning

23 - SOURCE Meeting (Foundations)

25 - Poster Method Day

26 - CISD Health Fair

27 - Macy Montalvo's birthday

28 - Faculty Meeting

29 - Tami out to Curriculum Meeting


2 - Sci://Tech

4-8 - Counselors' Week

4 - Team Leader

5 - Foundations Team training

7 - Gretchen Montgomery - math staff development during planning

8 - Poster Method

11 - Site based team meeting

12 - 4th writing benchmark - flip schedules with 4th and 2nd

13 - Tami to Principals' Meeting

14 - Donuts with Dad and Valentines' Day parties

15 - Tami Eldridge's birthday

18 - Staff Development Day - student holiday

19 - Board Meeting recognizing OR feeder zone

20 - Math coach visits planning sessions

21 - Chocolate Sales Kick Off

22 - Go Texan Day

22 - PTO Luncheon

22 - Poster Method

22 - Susan Hoffman's birthday

22-March 8 - Chocolate Sales

25 - Faculty Meeting

26 - Tami out to Principals' Meeting

27 - Board Field trip to ORE

27 - Lisa McGarrah training for Mimeo

28 - Bilingual coach visit/Felix Rodriguez's birthday

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