Water Consumption

Water's Worth It

Water Consumption Problems

Water is a nonrenewable resource. Which means once we use all the water we can't get it back. So we need to reduce water consumption. Like if we leave a leaky faucet on it can waste 20 gallons of water a day! Also toilets can waste thousands of gallons of precious water! But there are ways to reduce water consumption.

Solutions to Reduce Water Consumption

Use Toilet Dams

Toilet dams can be bought or made from such common items as plastic bottles. When they're inside the tanks, they take up space that would otherwise be filled with water. So each time the toilet is flushed, less water is used. Toilet dams can save a lot of water at home, too.

Install Aerators

Aerators go inside faucets. They reduce the water flow, but add air, which keep the pressure feeling strong.

Signs and Posters

Put signs or posters near faucets the kids have to turn off encouraging to turn off the water and why we need to turn off the water. This will remind the kids and will encourage them to save more water everywhere.