STARS Classroom News

October 12 - October 15

What we did last week

Last week we continued our anchor book, Tap the Magic Tree. We learned about what you can do with apples, and where you can find apples. We continued working on counting the apples. We also talked about the different colors of apples and learned big, medium, and small with apples and helmets (from Matt and Molly story )

What is happening this week

This week we will start our Pumpkin/Halloween theme! Our anchor book will be Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate. We will continue working on counting 1:1 and identifying/labeling numbers.

Matt and Molly

Three Pumpkins:

This week our Matt and Molly story is Three Pumpkins. We will continue working on Big, Medium, and Small. We will also work on identifying/labeling clothing, matching objects to pictures, and matching pictures to pictures. Look for a copy of the Matt and Molly story in your child's backpack :)

Table time activities

Monday: Pumpkin-Mix yellow and red to make orange and paint with plastic wrap: color identification, tactile sensory

Tuesday: Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate-cut strips of brown paper, glue on paper, peel pumpkin stickers/foam pieces/diecuts: cutting on a line, scissor skills, hand strengthening to squeeze glue, using pincers, multi step task

Thursday: Pumpkin-cut paper and glue on paper or paper plate, glue face and stem on: scissor/cutting skills, hand strengthening to squeeze glue, construction task AND pumpkin bracelet: stringing beads on a pipe cleaner to make a bracelet-fine motor to string beads, using pincers

Friday: No School!

Upcoming Events and Important Information

*Check out Merrell's Message-a blog done by our Assistant Principal Kristen Merrell :)

*October 16: NO SCHOOL!!

*October 21-22: Parent Teacher Conferences-NO SCHOOL!!! The book fair will be going on in the library...please let me know if you are interested in being a volunteer to work it!

*October 23: NO SCHOOL!!

*October 30: Halloween Parade-more information to come!

*November 5: Baby Sign Language

*November 10: Sensory Smart Workshop

*November 23: Conscious Discipline with Jill Molli

Below is the link to the Great Beginnings website. Please refer to the calendar for the updated events.


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