Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident, trucking acciden

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney with Bighorn Law?

If you have been injured in a car accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident, trip and fall accident, or as the result of someone else's negligence, you should think about filing a personal injury claim. Hiring the right personal injury attorneys in las vegas will help this process immensely. You may you be asking yourself, "How long will my personal injury claim / case take?" The short answer is that it depends on several things.

Overall, personal injury cases have two phases: pre-suit (before filing a lawsuit) and suit (after filing a lawsuit). The pre-suit phase lasts until the injured reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI). It is important to note that your failure to reach the MMI may affect the length of your case. This is because the defendant and their insurance carrier will claim that they could not properly evaluate your case because they could not fully assess your injuries.

During the pre-suit period, your personal injury attorney should be investigating the case. This Involves doing background checks on all parties Involved and obtaining police reports and / or incident reports. He or she will also obtain insurance disclosures and insurance policies from the defendants, including witness statements and affidavits. They may do so themselves, or hire a professional, to do scene inspections and request crime grids. If you are not able to obtain your medical records, your attorney will do so.

Although many people think their attorney is dragging their feet (even though some may be guilty of this), requesting documents and analyzing the records received takes time. After all, documents proving negligence / liability will be needed and then given to the insurance company. Often, the defendant will be given approximately 30 days to evaluate and respond to the claim. If you reject the settlement offer or if the insurance company completely denies the claim, you will need to make a decision with your car accident lawyer as whether or not to file suit.

Once your lawsuit is underway, there are procedural rules that allow a defendant or claimant a certain amount of time to respond. Furthermore, events like compulsory medical examinations and depositions become huge sources of delaying tactics because counsel and both parties have to be accessible at a certain time on a particular date. Another opportunity to settle must be given too.

The trial is coordinated by the judge. Due to backlog on the court docket, it may be months before the judge is available to hear your case. It is Important to note that multiple trials are scheduled on the same day. Usually, the oldest case goes first. Contact Bighorn Law to learn more.