Practice with Equations

Friday Oct. 14th

Station 1: Problem of the Week

Submit your answers in Bubble Sheet


2nd block - 415259

4th block - 725022

5th block - 231761

6th block - 699016

7th block - 766787

Station 2: IXL One Step Equations

7th grade S5 to an 85 or better

You do not need to send me a screenshot, I will have a report and you will get a grade on this assignment based on your score out of 85

Station 3: Puzzle on 2 Step Equations - handout on the tables

Label a page in your notebook: 2 Step Equation Maze

Show all work on on handout and glue it in your notebook. You can highlight the correct path from start to End.

Station 4: Quizizz - practice WRITING algebraic expressions

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