Tiny Teddy Trains

Its fun to make


To make a beautiful Tiny Teddy Train


1 Melted choclate

2 Liqorice sticks or candy sticks

3 Liqorice allsorts

4 Smarties

5 Milky way bar



Step 1

Put some kind of choclate on the microwave so you can melt it and put it in a bowl

Step 2

Cut the tiny teddy's legs and deep it in melted choclate and stick it to the milky way bar

Step 3

Dip the candy sticks or Liqorice sticks in the choclate and stick it in front of the milky way bar

Step 4

Dip the liqorice allsorts in the melted choclate and tsick in the back of the Tiny Teddy

Step 5

Dip all 4 smarties in the melted choclate and and stick to the milky way bar like wheels


Stick the tiny teddy trains on a cake like a circle and it will look beautiful or you can create a choclate train track and put the tiny teddy trains in a line so it looks like it is riding a train
How to make Tiny Teddy trains