Culture in the 1920s

Come and enjoy learning about culture during the 1920s!

We invite you to learn more and more about culture after the First World War

Just like today, there were sports, music, movies, fashion, and even basic technology, and no we did not live like cavemen until the 21st century. Come and explore what the 1920s had to offer back in the day!

Social Gatherings in the 1920s.

Many dances included the Waltz, Shimmy, Tango, and the Fox Trot. 1920 was the years were people became more free, and grew more like society than you can see today. 1920 also had picnics, family gatherings, and snow sports as well.

Movies in the 1920s.

Fashion in the 1920s

In the 1920s, women began to wear clothes more freely and expressively. They started to wear clothes that made them more comfortable such as skirts or trousers. Men also began to wear more comfortable clothing than uniforms and suits all day.

Spadina House

Spadina Museum, also called Spadina House, is a historic manor on Spadina Road in Toronto, Canada that is now a museum operated by the City of Toronto Cultural Services. The museum preserves the house much as it existed and developed historically.