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Week of September 4 - September 8, 2023

September 7, 2023

Welcome to the New School Year!

Dear Wentworth Families,

We have had an outstanding start to the school year! Thank you for your support; from our By-Appointment Days, to drop-off and pick-up routines, and all of the little logistics - it is all going really smoothly. Check out the images below to share in some of the joy of opening school, and be sure to read this newsletter carefully for all the updates and information to keep the great vibes going!

With Gratitude,

Kelli Crosby ~ Principal

Brem Stoner ~ Asst. Principal

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, September 13 - Early Release at 1:45 PM
  • Tuesday, September 26 - School Photo Day for Blue and Purple Learning Communities
  • Wednesday, September 27 - School Photo Day for Green and Red Learning Communities
  • Wednesday, September 27, 6-7 PM - Wentworth School Open House
  • 2023-2024 School Calendar

Sneak Peek By-Appointment Day Images

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Sneak Peek Sets us up for SUCCESS

Having the opportunity to connect with our students (and so many families!) in small groups before the year launches into full swing is such a gift! Not only are we able to make strong connections with students before the school year begins, meet parents and caregivers, and show off our learning spaces, we also find that students' nerves all but disappear and they are so much more confident and ready to begin the new school year after having their Sneak Peek Appointment! The social and emotional benefits of this time are immense, and so are the academic benefits!

There are several academic screeners that are conducted with students in a one-on-one interview style format in order to have a clear understanding of each student's academic strengths and needs. These screeners are a required part of our guaranteed and viable, high-quality curriculum, and provide much insight for teachers on how to approach instruction with their learners - but they are also very time-consuming to conduct well! The By-Appointment time engages ALL members of our staff, and we work as a team so teachers can conduct these assessments before the school year begins.

Each homeroom teacher is paired with a partner teacher throughout the Sneak Peek days. When the small group of 3-5 students arrives for their scheduled session, the homeroom teacher is able to meet one-to-one with each student for the assessments while the partner teacher takes the rest of the small group on tours of the school and classroom and they also engage in some "Get to Know You" activities until it is their turn with the homeroom teacher. Without this dedicated time, it can take up to 20 reading classes (which are about an hour per day) for the teachers to complete their running record assessments with each student while providing more independent work for the rest of the class. With the ability to have all hands on deck for two days of appointments in small groups, we gain back SO MUCH instructional time and teachers can hit the ground running!

School leaders and Instructional Coaches were also pleased to connect with many parents and caregivers who stayed for the Informational Sessions. If you were unable to attend, here is a link to the presentation that was shared.

Thank you, Scarborough Community, for supporting this precious resource of time for Wentworth School! We are so grateful!

Arrival & Dismissal Plans - Please Read Carefully

Our plan to shift back to using the front loop as intended, for buses only is off to a great start! We no longer use the access road for school buses and ask that parents do not use the front loop for drop off or pick up unless there is a specialized plan in place for your child.

Car rider drop-off for ALL students (single car riders and carpoolers) begins at 8:30 AM and will take place along the loop adjacent to the main Wentworth parking lot. Please do not pull into the front loop - that will be designated as buses only. If possible, have your child sit on the passenger side of the vehicle, and practice exiting independently. Our staff will be curbside to assist. This is a drop-and-go lane, only. If the driver needs to exit the vehicle for any reason, please plan to park your vehicle in the lot and walk your child to the sidewalk. Please drop your student off no later than 8:45 AM.

Car Rider pick-up will take place in the loop adjacent to the parking lot. We will be using the entire length of that loop as the sidewalk extends all the way to Wentworth Drive. Please note the general gathering areas - students from the Red and Green Learning Communities will walk toward the front of the loop as they are the first out of the building due to proximity. If your child's classroom is in the Red or Green LC, please arrive first, closest to 3:15, and pull forward as far as possible. If your child's classroom is in the Purple or Blue Learning Community, please consider timing your arrival for closer to 3:20 so you do not block the flow of traffic in the Car Rider lane. It takes students from Purple and Blue a few extra minutes to get outside due to the length of their walk.

Students who carpool (that includes siblings, neighbors, teammates, etc who are meeting up to ride in the same vehicle) will be called to the gym to check in and find their carpool group. Carpoolers will be dismissed to the Utility Loop located on the side of the school. Travel past the main entrance toward the Middle School on Quentin Drive and pull into the loop on the left, as far forward as possible. Carpoolers take a couple of extra minutes to get outside, typically closer to 3:20.

Some families prefer to park in the lot and walk over to the sidewalk to pick up their child that way. If that is how you prefer to pick up, please gather by the flagpole to wait for your child. When they come out with their car rider group, they must check out with the staff member in charge of the group and then can walk with you to your vehicle in the parking lot. Students may not enter the parking lot without the adult who is driving them.

Students who walk/bike are dismissed last, in order to let the traffic clear the way for safety.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and patience in the first weeks of school as we get the routines smoothed out. We will monitor and make adjustments as needed, and this will be easier to do, safer, and more efficient for all if all drivers follow the plan. Again, so far - SO good! You can also skip the pick-up line entirely and plan for your child to take the school bus. Let's continue to work together to make arrival and dismissal a breeze at Wentworth School!

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eCollect Forms -

It is time for all families to log into your student's PowerSchool Portal account to update your information and fill out all necessary forms online. Over 81% of Wentworth Families have completed the required online forms - let's aim for 100% by the weekend!

The system allows you to update all of your personal information including phone numbers, address, emergency contacts, etc. It also enables you to electronically acknowledge and sign all of the forms for the start of the year, such as the annual permission forms for Technology, School Handbooks, Field Trips, photo permissions, etc.

Login to your PowerSchool parent portal account at https://scarborough.powerschool.com/public

Once you are connected to your students and logged into the Parent Portal, you will see a new Forms button on the navigation bar. Click this button to view a list of forms available for you to complete for each of your students. The 2023-24 Chromebook form is available now, and many more forms will be added as the new school year opens. These forms, as described above, are ones would have been in paper packets in the past.

Please reach out to your school if you need assistance accessing the forms, or need paper copies sent to you instead.

Free Meals at School Continues in 23-24!

As a reminder, all breakfast and lunch meals for all students in Scarborough Schools are free for this school year 2023-2024. All existing students whose parents have an account will be able to order breakfast and lunch using the same procedure as last year, from the Nutrislice app on a device or at the Nutrition Program Menus page.

Parents/guardians of students who are new to the district will have to make a Nutrislice account through the Nutrislice app or website before they can order breakfast and lunch. Parents will need the child's Student ID Number before they can start the registration process. Email Brenda Franklin bfranklin@scarboroughschools.org for help with ID Numbers or signing up.

To order lunch and breakfast: go to the School Menu page and click on the purple school menus image. (Nutrislice). We have lots of healthy and delicious options in our cafeteria. Please take a moment to review the menu with your child to help them decide on orders. We appreciate your help in communicating what has been ordered with your child.

Extra Milk or Drink to Accompany Home Lunch - Drinks will be available to purchase at all schools for any children that would like a drink with their home lunch. The options are white milk, chocolate milk, and 8 oz water. The cost for this is 50 cents. A beverage is included at no charge for students who order a school lunch.

To add money to an account: to pay for a drink for home lunch students: go to School Payment Portal Information website.

Front Office

Opening school and welcoming all 700+ students is exciting and extraordinarily busy for our front office staff in particular! We ask that if you have business with the front office, please wait until after 10:00 a.m. on the first days if at all possible. This includes dropping off forgotten items or paperwork, but of course excludes medical or urgent needs.

Supporting and navigating the needs of this many students and families throughout the year is a big job, and one our office staff does very well and always with a smile! Please support us by getting into the habit of strong communication with your Wentworth child about their afterschool plans right from the start! We understand that last-minute changes occasionally occur and emergencies crop up, but last year our office was fielding over 40 calls/emails daily about afterschool plans. A transportation plan form will be available at your Sneak Peek/in the first days of school so your child's teacher will be aware of their schedule as well. Please plan ahead, communicate and remind your child in the morning about their after-school plan. This allows your Wentworth student to focus on learning and fun, and not worry and wonder about dismissal plans.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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Accessing Math In Focus at Home

Here is the link to access our math curriculum materials through the ED Platform. This resource is great for homework help, and to stay in the loop about what your child is learning in math class.

From the Scarborough Public Library

Here is information from the Public Library (located on Quentin Drive, on our campus) about After School Library Use. If your child plans to access the Public Library after school, please review these Behavior Expectations that the staff asked us to share with families.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Deanna McNamara, Youth Services Manager, at 207-396-6278 or dmcnamara@scarboroughlibrary.org.

Opening School Moments

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Happy Birthday, Wentworth!

Special thanks to Burr Signs for donating these incredible banners to help us celebrate Wentworth School's 10th birthday! The community support from Burr Signs is outstanding and deeply appreciated!
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