Tech Updates

December 2018

Help Desk Software Reorganization

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Since we have so much stuff and so many systems, our help desk ticket types have basically sprawled to the point of being overly specific and less useful than intended.

In an attempt to remedy this and (hopefully) bring more clarity and speed to the process, we have reorganized the main categories as follows:

  • Acquisition Requests: Used for requests to purchase or acquire software, hardware, and wireless hotspots.

  • Devices: Any personal computing device (Macbook, iPad, PC, Chromebook, or Android tablet).

  • Hardware and Peripherals: Everything else that plugs in, such as printers, phones, Apple TV, projectors, Smartboard, TV, network, and so on.

  • Services and Setup: Assessment set-up, requests to allow or block websites, login issues, name changes, etc.

  • Software or Website Issue: We left a few of the most popular choices, but for everything else we are asking that you choose "Other Software" and fill in a field with the name of the software or web-based service for which you need assistance.

  • And, we still have an "Other Inquiries" option to catch everything else.

We will probably tweak things a bit more as we get feedback on these changes. On a related note, you'll soon see the option to complete a customer satisfaction survey once a ticket is closed.

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We recently ran a district-wide phishing e-mail scenario. We try to do this 2-3 times a year to allow everyone a chance to practice identifying a scam e-mail without the risk of actually compromising your account.

The results could be better, but that just means that we (the technology department) have to do a better job of training staff on how to handle problematic e-mails.

There is no way to prevent all malicious messages from getting through, though we continue to explore options with our current e-mail system to try to limit our exposure.

The image and attachment below offer some tips on how to recognize and avoid phishing and similarly malicious e-mails.

Audio-Visual Committee

We are finally launching the audio-visual committee. The summary document linked below provides all of the details, but basically we are looking for at least one volunteer from each building to attend the meetings. Please use the sign-up form linked below this article if you are interested.


Determine what the audio-visual equipment in a classroom should consist of in the next five years, with any variations noted for the following settings:

  • General education classroom

  • Special education classroom

  • Specialist space (such as EL, intervention, art, music, PE)

Review technologies through research and hands-on pilot programs or demonstrations.

(Potentially) Identify a migration path from Smart Notebook software to an alternative, ideally open source platform.

Develop training materials that would assist staff in more effectively utilizing classroom audio-visual technology.

Meeting Dates & Times

4:15 - 5:15 @District Office (may move this around to buildings) - 1st and 3rd Thursdays.

January 17

February 7

February 21

March 7

March 21

April 11

April 25

May 9

A recently published Tech Tools article provides a detailed overview of YouTube access, approving videos, and troubleshooting when students cannot get to a video.

Network Ports

Network ports may be configured to work specifically with a phone or printer. Or the port may be turned off or disconnected entirely. So, changing where something is plugged in may render it non-functional.

If you need something moved around in your room and it would be plugged into a different network port, please open a help desk ticket so that the tech staff can confirm that everything is set up correctly.


As of the publication of this newsletter, here are the versions of device operating systems we would like everyone to be on:

If you need any assistance with device updates, please put in a help ticket.