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Messages From the Field: Acts of Rebellion

I had the privilege of hearing Penny Kittle at last summer's North Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Conference where she said: “Good teaching is an act of rebellion.” I agree. I don’t believe she meant going against board or district policy. Instead, Penny is referring to those teachers and administrators who dare to go against the status quo.

It’s the high school English teachers who understand that they teach literacy-not literature. These rebels give control to their students by foregoing the “altogether now” class novel for student choice. They recognize that typical high school ELA practices commit what Kelly Gallagher calls “readicide,” and it is only when we stop meddling with students’ reading lives that we begin to develop life-long readers and thinkers.

By the way...did you know that Nathaniel Hawthorne didn’t write the Scarlet Letter for a teen audience?

It’s the principals who shake up grading systems in order to change mindsets from “It’s about the grade,” to “It’s about the learning.” Didn’t learn it the first time? We’ll reteach it until you do! Making this change takes courage- there’s a mountain of thinking to be moved!

It’s the teachers who tweet about what’s going on in their classroom, even when their peers won’t. These tweeps recognize the value of deprivatizing our practice in order to learn from one another.

It’s the science and math teachers who help kids identify real-world problems, and let their students apply math and science in order to solve those problems. These rebels understand that learning isn’t for later...it’s for NOW!

Indeed, good teaching is an act of rebellion.

Kim Bain

NTCTELA Communications Liaison

Associate Principal

Former ELA Coordinator

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