By, Tucker Mittelstadt

Theme Perseverance

  1. Sounder: When Sounder was shot he had disappeared for a couple of days. Then a few days after, sounder had come back home with one eye and three legs.

  2. Mother: The Boy’s Mother had showed perseverance by feeding the children and being brave when The Father was taken by the deputies.

  3. Father: The father had showed perseverance by walking all of the way home from a mining accident with half of his body was paralyzed.

  4. The Boy: The boy showed perseverance by going out on journeys looking for old newspapers and books, and even schools.

Article Of African American Quotes

My African American article is about African American quotes. these quotes include very famous people from the 80's and earlier in the 1900's

  1. It shows African Americans, such as Michael Jordan and Jesse Owens. Showing perseverance in their quotes

  2. . They are true quotes from what they said in their time.

  3. when Michael Jordan said “I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying.” It showed that he has done some hard work.

Summary Of Video

The video includes a man and a lion that have been together since the lion was a cub. So the man has not seen the lion for a year and when it is time to go and see the lion again the lion jumps and hugs the man. The man and the lion walk around for a while. the lion has found a tree and sits up there for a few minutes. at the end of the video the lion gets fed, then the video ends.

Father, Daughter, and dog.

  1. Reason 1: Sounder was a pointer just like the dog in the story.

2 . Reason 2: The daughters father died just like how the boy’s father died from a hunting accident except the daughters father died peacefully.

  1. Differences:Reason 2: the daughters father had a heart attack Reason 1: Cheyenne loved the father like Sounder loved his master.

Anticipation Guide

I think it is a not privilege to attend school because you have to go to school too get the education for reading and learn other things, because you can rely on them when you get older. Once you go up through the grades things get harder that is why we have lower grades to teach us things when we go to higher grades. You have the opportunity to learn and prepare yourself for the real world.


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