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June 2022 Newsletter


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Message from the Principal

Ka nui te mihi aroha ki a koutou,

Spotswood College students continue to “spring” into action with celebrations and special events, extracurricular activities and sports, and cultural activities.

Looking back on May and June, students took part and were featured as part of Tech Week, highlighting how they are leading the way in many of these spaces.

Further success in the arts with our musicians having a sell-out night at Mikes Brewery where they entertained a standing-room-only audience who danced the night away, and another outstanding Sheila Winn drama team performance.

I am especially impressed with the great student-led clubs that are up and running each day from Boardom Bar, where students can buy drinks and play board games to a popup barista cafe, Chess Club and QSA. It is such a heartening experience to walk through the school and see this level of leadership growing so strongly.

As usual, our students have remained active in the community. A junior inquiry group has organised a beach clean-up, our horticulture students have been doing landscaping in and around school, students attended Puanga/ Matariki at Parihaka, and it was wonderful to read of the work of Ben Bucksmith who has been sharing his passion for puzzles with others.

Looking ahead, we have several senior celebrations including Matariki where our kapa haka students will be performing at the NP Matariki event, on June 24, 6.00 pm off The Green Door balcony. We encourage everyone to get along and be a part of this free and uplifting event. We also have our Senior School Ball, on July 2. Thank you to all those involved in making these happen for our students.

Communication is essential and we strive to connect with our students, whanau, and community each and every day. We will continue reaching out to you with weekly emails, texts or through our app. We also encourage you to visit our website and follow our social pages including Facebook, Instagram, and our student-run official Spotswood College TikTok for announcements, information, and celebrations.

As always, we wish to express our sincere gratitude toward our entire school community. We would not be the amazing school that we are without the help and support of all of you.


We are delighted to welcome Kristine Craddock who will be working part-time as a Physics teacher. Kristine has 20 years of experience as an engineer in aviation.

Kristine came to NZ from France and has moved to NP with her husband and two children

Spotswood College is part of the newly established West Schools Truancy Service.

Working in this space we now have Brian Gordon and Aisha Ngaia as the truancy coordinators.

This snippet from 7 sharp gives you some insight into the great mahi Brian has been doing for OT and young people.

Aisha has also worked for OT and is well connected to the whanau of our area.

Jenine Parkinson, who is currently the attendance officer will pick up 5 hours extra a week as the Truancy Coordinator.

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Deputy Principal

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Senior Leadership

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Senior Leadership

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Senior Leadership

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Year 12 and 13 Dean

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Year 11 Dean

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Year 10 Dean

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Year 9 Dean

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International Director

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Tech Week 2022 📱💻

Our very own TECH TAUIRA featured highlighting some of the phenomenal work they are achieving.

Meet Chai Ruakere - Forbes, Year 13.

Chai's passion for technology and the arts has provided so much opportunity! From scholarships to mixing and mingling in the Digital World!

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Our e-sports team was also featured in the news recently, showing how they are leading the way in weaving te reo and tikanga with digital fluency

The converted container at the front of the school will be a hive of activity again as

THE DESIGNERY reopens on June 30th.

This student-owned and run store will be selling student wares that are made as part of the inquiry and other classes. On this day you can expect to see jewellery, condiments, cards, artwork, terrariums, cushions and so much more.

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Spotswood College is grateful to the George Mason Charitable Club and NP West Rotary for their ongoing sponsorship of our students to attend Outward Bound. Students are carefully selected to be a part of this 21-day gruelling, but incredibly rewarding experience.

Below are the reflections of this year's recipients.

Outward Bound

Imagine going away for three weeks with no phone(or any screens at all), no music or books. Having physical activity every day and loving it. For me this was Outward Bound, we were disconnecting to reconnect, living in the moment. Leaving for my course I was super nervous and excited, I would be living with 13 other people that I had never met before. I was leaving home for longer than I had ever been away for and had little idea of what I would be doing. Once I got there, I was straight into it, and I was too busy to worry about anything, but within the first few days, I came to love it at Outward Bound. As a watch(our group) we did nearly everything together, we went rock climbing, sailing, tramping, bush bashing, coasteering (which is where you make your way around the coast, jumping off rocks and cliffs and swimming through channels in the sea). Not only that but we would clean dishes together, swim, run, and set up camp. As well to the physical aspect of Outward Bound, there was also the mental and emotional side, diving into what makes you, you, goals, values and mindsets. I learned so much mentally, emotionally and physically And I'm so grateful I have had the chance to go on this amazing course.

Olive Denton-Woolley, Year 12.

Kia Ora, my name is Leo Leaana. I am a current year 11 student at Spotswood College and I am writing this letter to show my appreciation and gratitude to my Sponsors and My School for Nominating me to attend Outward Bound on April 10th 2022.

I am so grateful to my school Spotswood College for nominating me to attend and to those who helped fund it.

For 21 days I was pushed to my limits, I laughed, I cried, I felt angry, sad, lost, confused, frustrated, annoyed and very homesick. This was something I never thought I'd get to experience but feel so privileged to have been given the chance to. This experience definitely made me learn to appreciate people and life more. Before I went to Outward Bound, I was just a young athlete with no clue about what I wanted to do with my future. I had a lot of self-doubts and no confidence in myself, coming out of my 21-day experience I'm a much more confident person inside and out and nothing goes in my too hard kete anymore. It was a really trying experience at times learning to eat small rations was hard to adjust to for an eater like myself haha, we were totally pushed out of our comfort zone and at times didn't want a bar of it, but once we got past day 2 you just learnt to enjoy every moment best you could. No day was ever the same for us. I got to experience activities many kids my age would only dream of. We ran 10ks daily, sailed, tramped, camped, swam, zip lined, faced fears with heights and kayaked just to name a few. Adjusting to early morning wake-ups was hard for most of us but become normality really quick. So many memories were made and lifelong friendships began. Met so many who wouldn't be my normal crowd and now we are really close. My favourite memories about Outward Bound would have to be camping, sailing & waka ama, we camped a few places, but camping on the ridges under the stars would have to top the cake, beautiful sight, although our things got drenched most times and almost flew away it was still awesome haha. I got to experience a lot of first-time things. So many highs for me, it is hard to put into words the feeling you got being out there in the elements doing all we did, absolutely breathtaking would be my words to sum it all up. The scenery was unreal, nothing like I'd ever seen before. From the Ferry ride over from wellington to the calm waters in Malbrough sounds and Picton.

Being at Outward Bound helped me set a few goals to help set a pathway for my future and I can't wait to see it all pan out. In the future, I hope to become an instructor at Outward Bound and give back to others what I got to experience during my time there. For now, I hope I can be a great role model to my peers and those around me and guide them the best I can with the skills I acquired on this 21-Day course. You learn a lot about yourself and who you are at Outward Bound and pick up some great tools to share with others. I really hope more rangatahi get to have the experience I had, it was so life-changing for me and I know it will be for others. Once again thank you for the nomination to attend this 21-day Outward Bound experience it meant a great deal and I had the time of my life.

Leo Leaana

With the upcoming school ball, we are very fortunate to have a team of staff and students who have been working to make what can be a very expensive affair affordable for all.

They have asked the community for well-looked-after donations and the school has been inundated with beautiful dresses, smart suits and even free makeup and hair appointments.

We are very grateful to Ra Cottam, Nicky Ingram, Chell Lusk and the Ball Committee for making the magic happen for everyone.

We are open for business

What an amazing community we live in. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from all of us here at Spotswood College.

We have seen some recipients' hearts filled with joy with the outpour of love from you all which now means our Students can attend the ball in style. We have plenty of Dresses of all shapes and sizes available, full Suits, separate shirts, pants and Jackets, Shoes for all, jewellery the list goes on. Come on in and see us in the Careers or V.P office to book your viewing time.


Sheila Winn students spent Queens Birthday in Wellington exploring the art life there as well as preparing for the National Competition. Students did very well and were the audience pleaser of the event. A huge thank you to their teacher Marie Hunneyball who once again led this team of students through this amazing opportunity.

Students have been a part of a week-long program of learning at TOPEC. Some adventures involved caving, while others took part in tramps on the bush-covered slopes of Taranaki Mounga.

Congratulations to our Futsal teams who competed in the regional event junior with outstanding results - Boys winners of boys competitive grade

Junior Girls winners of girls social grade going through undefeated

- Spotswood College, winners and holders of the McKean shield

Please could cups received last year be returned to the school office before the end of term?

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Police have been monitoring drop-off for students in the mornings and pick up in the aftrenoons. At this stage, they are politely asking that all cars refrain from blocking driveways when they do drop-offs and pick ups. Your support of this is appreciated.

Spotswood College Events Calendar

Keeping Yourself And Your Whanau Safe In Our Digital World: Bullying And Harassment

Digital platforms can be useful tools, but in this time and age, there is a significant risk that social media platforms can be used by students to bully each other or spread rumours about others. We are asking for the support of this community to come together in addressing this.

The Spotswood College’s Responsible Use of Technology Policy is below.

As part of the enrollment process, an agreement is signed by both the student and the caregiver regarding the appropriate use of the school's ICT systems. The school offers a monitored internet connection and a safe environment for the students.

Unfortunately, students’ personal Cellphones are not covered by the protections that the system offers. These devices can easily be used to cause harm including the form of unconsented recording or photography.

To prevent this, it is important that as a community we understand the harmful digital communication act and the impact that this form of bullying and harassment can have on the victims. In this digital age rumours and jokes can have lingering consequences.

The Netsafe organization is the best place to get help either by starting a conversation with your child, seeking advice to help create a safer home internet connection or getting support if you are already suffering from online abuse.

School app

Spotswood College will be using SchoolAppsNZ to send out notices and information to our whānau. This is a free app available on Apple and Android devices. You can also access newsletters, contact the school about absences and find helpful links as well as quick access to Kamar. (Link below).


Kamar Portal


We have a school attendance target of above 90% for every student. To ensure that together we reach this, it is important that if you know your child is going to be absent from school, that you please contact the school by using one of the following options.

Option 1: Telephone the school on 06 751 2416 and speak to the receptionist (Tracey) or Attendance Officer (Jenine).

Option 2: Send a text to the Attendance Officer (Jenine) on 021 023 93060

Option 3: send an email to the Attendance Officer (Jenine) -

Option 4: Use the school app to log attendance.

Option 5: Leave a message on the Attendance hotline by calling the school on 06 751 2416 and press (1) to report a student absence. Record your child’s name, parents name, contact details and reason for absence.

If for any reason you are concerned about your child’s attendance, you can speak with the Attendance Officer (see contact details above) or she will pass you on to the DEAN or your child’s Learning Advisor.

School Uniform

Our expectation as a school whanau is that our young people are in the correct uniform at all times. As we are now heading into cooler weather, it is important that students have the correct winter school uniform. Items can be purchased from our Uniform Shop. Students will be required to hand over non-uniform items which can be collected back at the end of the week.

We also have a large accumulation of uniforms that are a part of lost property that is kept in this space, If your child has a missing school item, please encourage them to check the lost property racks.

Uniform shop hours

Uniform shop hours each week are as follows:

8.00 am to 9.00 am & Interval - Monday to Friday.

Phone 751 2416 Ext 721 or 022 676 2750.

Student Wellbeing Services

Sick or injured at school

The sickbay is closed for any sick-related issues. If you are sick, we will contact home and ask for you to be picked up immediately. Please do not arrange this yourself as we need to know where you are at all times.

The sick bay is open to help with injuries.

A public health nurse is available for you and your caregivers if you have any concerns. This could be a rash, not sleeping well, regular headaches, ongoing health issues etc.

Please ask to talk to her privately. Consultations are confidential, offering information and advice. Health resources are available, with a choice of providers for referrals to agencies.



Monday 2nd May – Friday 8th July - (10 weeks)

Queens Birthday Monday 6th June

Matariki Friday 24th June


Monday 25th July – Friday 30th September - (10 weeks)


Monday 17th October – 9th December

Labour Day Monday 24th October

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