MCH March Update

We had a great time at the AMS Convention in Chicago! Thanks for the opportunity! Here are some of our MCH Staff thoughts/comments about the experience:

It was so inspiring to see so many people dedicated to the same cause! My favorite workshop was “Crafting your Classroom.” It reignited my passion for creating materials for my classroom and for working to make the classroom a beautiful, inviting and homelike space.

I really appreciated the workshop on how to help special needs children in the classroom.

I loved seeing the exhibits and purchasing materials for my classroom. It’s like a Montessori candy store!

Being surrounded by fellow Montessorians! Dancing the dances for universal peace. Early morning road trip and reconnecting with old friends on the bus!

I learned a lot of inspiring information about child autonomy and empowerment. My very favorite part was learning specific tools and general concepts about positive conflict resolution; being kind by firm. I feel like some of what I learned will help me be a better and more compassionate and prepared educator and eventual parent.

I enjoyed the whole day! I liked learning about how to help children retain learned information…I also learned about positive conflict resolution. Being kind and positive even if it doesn’t work, you can be proud of how you handled the situation.

What a wonderful chance to spend time together and spend time with Emily (former MCH staff person). It was so nice to be able to meet the director of Tres Mariposas Montessori and put a face on our sister school.

You get to see people from all over the world. I spoke with a woman from Uganda. It was great!

I enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with the MCH staff talking and sharing. It was also neat to see so many people who appreciate Montessori all gathered together in one place and learn about all the different types of Montessori schools that are out there. I went to the nature course and found it interesting and inspiring to learn about different approaches to Montessori that incorporate a lot more outdoor work, like using senses while hiking and farming activities.

It was very nice to go to Chicago all together. I think “Crafting your Classroom” course was a good experience and I would love to use a lot of examples for our summer elementary. Thank you again for the great experience.

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