for Women?

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Is it good for women to take Viagra?

Surely not!

Many physicians stay don’t agree to prescribe Generic Viagra or Viagra because it causes many Side Effects in the body of Female. Many women still consume Viagra and undergo a improvement in the Sexual Desire of their body!

But what is the reason that Generic Viagra has been made up for men?

The answer to this question lies in the Organization of Human Male. Viagra does nothing but increases the blood flow in the arteries that connect the heart to the lungs and male reproductive system. Due to better heart pumping rate and more Heamoglobin men somehow bear this sudden enhancement in the flow of Blood, as a result of which the erection the body of Human Male occurs. But in case of Women the lower magnitude and lower pumping rate, The Blood flow constructs hitch; So much that it results in Side Effects and their body suffers.

This is the reason why Women generally aren’t prescribed Generic Viagra or Viagra by the Physicians.

Those purchase it from internet stores illegally are get even more Side Effects than men…

  • It takes longer for Generic Viagra to show up its effects over women as compared to men.
  • Women suffer from overnight sickness and severe headache after devouring it.

  • In exceptional cases it even drops off their rate of pregnancy.
  • Girls and Adolescents shouldn’t take it as for them it will create a huge problem because of unstable menses.

For those who don’t get any side effects while its consumption still shouldn’t have fancy of getting more Sexual Desire when they take it. For this you should be turned on simultaneously. It shouldn’t be thought of to have increased the Sexual Desire of Women and Men both. It just helps to overcome it not increase or decrease it.