Solar Panels

By: Aunna Brie, Clarissa, Ian, and Carlos

Pros & Cons By: Aunna Brie


Solar panels store light, so if there is a problem and the electricity goes out, then our school will still have light. Solar energy is renewable so we will never run out of light in our school. If our school uses solar panels then, we will save on our electric bill, and we will be using less electricity and wasting less energy.


Solar panels cost a lot and can break due to weather and other natural causes. If there is a day when the sun isn't out, then, the panels won't be able to absorb the suns energy. If the panels break it costs a lot to repair them.

Even though there are many cons to installing solar panels, I think our school should install them, because we will be saving a lot of energy.

Installation By: Clarissa

For a school you would need about 20 people to install the solar panels. You would need to measure how big your solar panels need to be, depending on the electricity that the school pays. My group would hire a company called "Coppell TX Solar Power Tax Credits." If you don't have enough money,the government will pay 20% of the total because the government approved this company.

Here is our Video:

Data By: Carlos

That it shows how good potential energy and how light energy transfer and how good but the bad thing is that at night they don't work.THERE easy to put in and to instalation and easy to take out.

Sales: Ian

Solar Panels are improved by using natural produced energSolar panels a are good for saving electricity (energy)Pricy but worth it Generates supply of energy The efficiency of the module determines the area of a module given the same rated output.


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