Soil & Soybeans

By Winters Rees


While sand, potting soil, garden soil, or hydroponic set up grow soybeans the fastest.


If the garden soil has more nutrients and the right amount of moisture and heat then it will grow the fastest.


  • 4-Soybean Seeds
  • 4- 5 gallon buckets
  • 1each- 20 pounds soil (potting soil, sand, garden soil)
  • Plastic to cover work surface
  • 8- Gallons of distilled water
  • Hydroponics set up (Rock Wool, Ph tester, Ph up, Ph down, Test tube, Hydroponic rocks, Bucket, Pump)
  • 2- 10 pound bags of gravel
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Measuring cup
  • Sharpie/ Maker



  1. Wash Bucket to make sure it is clean.
  2. Set up Bucket Fallowing manual.
  3. Put 4 gallons of distilled water in the bucket.
  4. Mark the water level on my straw.
  5. Wash the Hydroponic rocks.
  6. Test the Ph of the water. IF above 6.5 ad Ph down. If bellow 5 ad Ph up.
  7. Put ONE rock wool in a bowl cover with water and let set for 5 min.
  8. Open rock wool.
  9. Place one seed 2 inches from the top.
  10. Place rock wool on the middle of the rocks top showing and level with the rocks.
  11. Turn on pump to high.


Sand, Garden soil, Potting soil

  1. Wash Buckets
  2. Add 4 inches of gravel to the bottom of each bucket.
  3. In Bucket 4 mix half a bag of soil with water till it clumps.
  4. Then repeat till you have the soil up to 2 inches from the rim. (Do with all soils)
  5. Then in the Canter of the bucket but one soybean seed 2 inches deep.
  6. Cover seed DO NOT press the soil down firmly!!!!!!!!!!



  • Soil


  • Plant growth
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  • Temperature
  • Seeds in the bucket
  • Light
  • Amount watered


  • Hydroponic (water)
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Time Lapse

Watch video!!!!!!!


  • Day 6 the first plant popped up in the potting soil. Also when looking at the sand you could see the surface cracking so the seed could pop out. In the garden soil you could see it under a piece of bark that it was pushing though. Nothing was happening hydroponically.
  • March 22nd I pulled the rock wool out to check the see for germination and the see had rotted. So I unplugged the hydroponics and cleaned all that up.


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What happened


With the hydroponic system the seed had so much moisture and therefore after germination the foliar leave started decomposing and it had no way to push to the surface to start photosynthesis. I Main root did start to form and was expanding but started to rot as well.



The sand was one of the better growing plants and is one of them that is still alive at this time. The sand did require more water because the size of the particles. Sand is one of the fastest draining soils which means there was less time for the roots to soak up the water.

Potting soil:

The potting soil was the first plant to fully show but do to the soil not drying out fast enough it killed the plant shortly after we finished the experiment. The potting soil had a much finer texture with more clay than the sand. This meant the water would stay to the top if the soil and not drain down to the rock at the bottom and the roots had to much water.

Garden soil:

This was the second soil to fully show the seed plant. This soil did a nice job of properly watering the plant it drained at the right rates and is the best growing plant still. This soil had a good mix of clay silt and organic material such as bark and straw.

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Original Hypothesis

Mine was supported because it may have not been the first plant to show it is the best and fastest growing plant in all.
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  1. The Go Pro time lapse
  2. The plants grow (well most of them)
  3. The Office space and lighting.
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  1. Time
  2. The hydroponics failed
  3. Better note taking
  4. More organized
  5. More specific
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Future Question

  • Will Soybean grow hydroponically?
  • Will half potting and half sand work better than garden soil.
  • Will Less water make them grow faster?

Daily life

Next time I go to buy plants to grow I will look at the soil and water recommendations and or if they can grow hydroponically.


Thanks to David Planthold for helping me make my time lapse.

Thanks to my Step dad for helping em set up and taking care of my plants for the week i was gone.