The Cast Party

Founded by Mickey Mouse


Our party is the "happiest place on earth"! The cast members of our party are imaginative, have positive attitudes, exercise our teamwork by listening and respecting other cast members. Here, no one has a bad idea! When we work together, any idea is a good idea! No one in our party is sad, or unhappy with what they do. Here, everyone has a place to go, and they do what they do best, whatever their passion is!


  • First, when you become a part of our supercalifragilisticexpialidocious party, your imagination is valued. Our cast is completely against anything that bogs down anyone's imagination. So, we do our best, to work in the government to allow our imaginations to thrive.
  • Second, everyday has the potential to be a great day! We do our best at the Cast Party to make sure that we have a great day, and we also do so within our work in the government.
  • Lastly, everyone has the potential to be anything that you set your mind to. We find it encouraging to help American's seek out what's beyond the river-bend, by helping them succeed, and becoming the best they can be. Anything otherwise is unacceptable.
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This is Donald Duck, who keeps our workers on their toes, trying to keep him happy.

He demanded his picture big and to make sure he looked swell!

If you are interested in joining our party, please call this number and ask for Goofy to help you get started!

We would be happy to help!