The Curious Incident...

Of The Dog In The Night-time

Have you ever solved a murder?

"And I know I can do this because I went to London on my own, and because I solved the mystery of Who Killed Wellington? and I found my mother and I was brave and I wrote a book and that means i can do anything( Haddon 221)."
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As a growing teenager Christopher sets out to find who killed Wellington, Mrs. Shears poodle. Christopher's problems grow from a dead dog to a lying father. After finding some letters address to him he starts to questions the death of his mother. Somehow his extensive knowledge of math keeps his fears at bay when he finds himself riding to London . unable to read emotions Christopher journeys across England trying to find his mother.
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Chirstopher detests the color yellow, you will to.

won the prestigous whitbread award

all about the athour

One day he thought about a dead dog with a fork in his side and thus the curious incident of the dog in the night time was born. Mark Haddon when writing about Christopher describes him as having Aspergers. Haddon himself is said to have behavior problems.
flier by Lucy Fajt