Early Bird Registration

Bridgeland Barracuda Swim Team

Early Bird Registration begins TODAY!

Early Bird registration for the Bridgeland Barracuda Swim Team begins TODAY and ends tomorrow, Saturday, March 19th at 11:59 P.M.

Don't miss out on this chance to get $10 off the regular registration fee!

Start your registration at BridgelandBarracudas.com.

Bridgeland Barracuda Swim Team Regular Registration Fees for 2016

If you register March 18th or 19th online, you will get $10 off these fees!

1st Swimmer $135

2nd Swimmer $125

3rd Swimmer $115

All 15 & Up swimmers $30

Fees can be paid via Paypal during the registration process or by check or cash at onsite registration.

Please note: Each family is required to submit a $300 volunteer deposit check between now and the first practice.

his check will NOT be deposited unless volunteer hour requirements are not met for the season. This is done to ensure we have enough volunteers for all of our meets, both home and away. We don't want your money, we NEED your time. Thanks for making BBST great!

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