Rosie Batty

Australian of the Year 2015

Rosie Batty was nominated Australian of the year in 2015 for the things she has done for others after her son, Luke, died. Rosie was born in the United Kingdom in Feburary 1962 and speaks fluent english.

Personality Qualities

Rosie Batty's personality qualities include:

  • Persistance
  • She won't give up
  • She fights for what she belives
  • She belives in herself


When Rosie Batty's son died, Rosie felt as if she needed to put out to other people that "Family violence can hppen to anyone". Luke, Rosie's son, inpired her to atcheve this greatness and now Rosie has atcheved it.


Rosie Batty was nominated Australian of the year for the things she went through before and after her son died. She has touched many hearts with her story and will touch many more.

Her Boy

Rosie's son, Luke, was murdered by his own father at a cricket game. "He was everything. He was my only child. He was the centre of my life".