Herbert Spencer

English Sociologist

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I am one of the early proponents of Social Darwinism, meaning that I believe that evolutionary social change led to progress, and that social reform interferes with selection.

One of the big things I'm known for is comparing society to the human body - I believe that society is composed of parts working together to promote survival.

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  • society is like the human body: without structure, we would not survive!
  • ever heard of survival of the fittest?

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@AugusteComte: I am the founder of sociology, what I say, goes!

@HarrietMartineau: Females matter too!

@KarlMarx: Class structure is what matters... high rules over low

@EmileDurkheim: Hey Spencer! Ever heard of mechanical and organic solidarity?

@MaxWeber: It might be a weird word, but verstehen!

@JaneAddams: @HarrietMartineau I agree!

@W.E.B.DuBois: racial discrimination needs to stop!

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  • It's not that hard, social stability simply means a group maintains equilibrium.
  • Hey @KarlMarx read my book

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@EmileDurkheim oh is that where there's a consensus of beliefs? Whatever

@MaxWeber what even is verstehen?