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March 18, 2016

Homework over break!

1. Work on wax museum speeches

2. Rest, Relax and Have Fun!

3. Stay safe!

News and Information

Wax Museum Is Coming Up Soon!

April 21st is the date of the wax museum. Please start working on your child’s costume. I need the costumes at school no later than Thursday, April 14th. Please don’t spend lots of money on the costume. It is nice to shop at Goodwill and other thrift shops to find pieces that will make the costume special. Just get as close as you can to the look and time period of the character and be creative!

Accelerated Reader: Last day to earn points for prizes is April 29.

Report Cards: They were posted to Skyward on Tuesday. Please access your child's report card and review it. If you have questions please let me know!

Outdoor recess - As spring is approaching please continue to send warm coats with your child. Our morning recess is still cold, even though it warms up later in the day.


We continued our 9th reading theme! We worked on drawing conclusions and making inferences. We will continue to work on fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills as we get ready for 3rd grade.

Reading Homework -No reading homework this week!


  • finding perimeter
  • -9 facts
  • writing observations from a graph
  • identifying activities that take 1 hour, 1 min. and 1 second
  • telling and showing time to the minute

English and Writing

In writing we are working on adding an attention grabbing ending to our writing. We learned 3 ways to do this:

1. Write a summarizing sentence

2. Ask a question

3. End with a laugh or funny statement

In English we finished unit 4 by taking the assessments. You'll see those after break.

Spelling Words













Data Binders- Look for them after spring break!

Homework Helps and Hints

Try to keep a routine over spring break, even if you are traveling. Make a time each day for 20-30 minutes of reading. At a different time of the day practice math facts, counting money, and telling time to the nearest minute for 15 minutes or so. This little bit of review each day will help greatly when we come back from spring break!

Important Events


21-25 Spring Break


7 Spring Pictures (only those who pre-order- forms have been sent home)

15 No school- unless needed for make up day

21 Wax Museum

22 No school- unless needed for make up day

29 No school- unless needed for make up day

20 Midterms Posted in Skyward

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Our 5 Spelling Bee Representatives!

They did an awesome job representing our class with the 25 other 2nd graders.