Life Skills

Tucker Byers


Income is a beneficial thing that many people look forward to and is important in living life. Income is very important because it means you receive money and if you don't have money then you can't buy everyday needs.

A Need

Needs are things in our lives that we have to have in order to survive. Some examples of needs would be water, food and clothing.

One Thing I learned That Will Affect My Future:

If us as students and teens, in being the future of America it is very important for us to know how to balance checking and also how to be somewhat smart with money. In my future I will be very thankful for learning how to fill out a check book and do the math to make sure all bills are paid. What I learned is important in having a relaxed and worry free future with a steady job and bringing in money.

Something I would Have like To learn

I would Have liked to learn some of the first steps to take in beginning your own business. Learning this is very important if someone wants to start a business but doesn't know where to start. This connects to Business Life Skills because opening a business is an essential life skill.

What Is the Most Important Thing I Took From business class

The most important thing that I learned from business class was how to properly fill out a job application. This is very important because your whole life relies on getting a job somewhere down the line eventually. If we don't know how to properly fill out a job application we won't be able to get a well paying job a our future may not be very bright for us.

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