Benito Mussolini

Yertle The Turtle vs. Benito Mussolini

How is Yertle the Turtle and Benito Mussolini alike

  • Benito Mussolini was the dictator of Italy!
  • In 1902 Mussolini went to Switzerland, in effort to invade the military services, he returned to Italy in 1904.
  • From 1904- 1914, Mussolini was a journalist.
  • Mussolini joined the Rights Movement in 1914.
  • Mussolini joined when the Italian government, failed to support the Triple Alliance (the Triple Alliance was the alliance among- Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Italy. Which was the opposing team of The Triple Entente... Russia, Great Britain, and France) This lasted from 1882- until 1914 (the start of World War 1).


How are Yertle the Turtle and Benito Mussolini alike? :)

  • Yertle the Turtle demanded 200 turtles to come to be his throne, and Benito Mussolini demanded all of the boys/ men who were of the age 17 and older to join the Italian military.
  • Yertle the Turtle declared that he was the King of everything and every turtle, and Mussolini declared that everyone was with him or anyone that was against him got stoned to death or hung!
  • Yertle the Turtle had power over every turtle, and everything... He didn't let the turtles from his "Throne" eat or speak. And Benito Mussolini never let anyone forget that he was in charge, its almost like his dictatorship never ended (it went home to his family, everywhere in Italy, and all the places he concurred!)