Alcohol Facts

by: Brittany Miller


1. Alcohol is a depressant.

2. Alcohol can cause both short term and long term effects.

3. Even a small amount of alcohol can impair the judgement of operating a motor vehicle safely.

4. Alcohol can often result in serious side effects if consumed with medication.

5. Parents who drink often are more likely to pass that trait onto their children.

6. If consumed over a prolonged period of time alcohol can effect some major organs.

7. Prolonged consumption may result in weight gain which, in turn, can have negative effects on the heart.

8. In some states, one DUI charge may result in probation, jail time, license revocation, a fine, or a combination of the above.

9. Drinking on an empty stomach may increase the likelihood of actually becoming drunk.

10. Alcohol in the home is a temptation, so the removal of it will help lessen the possibility of consumption.