Period 4. Brandon Bui, Lily O'Connell, Tobias O'Hara


Orion was an infant was given to a poor shepherd, Irieus, who showed hospitality to Zeus and Poseidon not knowing they were gods. Orion eventually fell in love with Artemis, the moon goddess, Apollo became upset because she spent more time with Orion then her job. Her job was to guide the moon across the sky and she began to neglect her duty Apollo convinced Gaia that Orion and Artemis were killing to many animals. Orion sent Scorpius the scorpion to fight Orion. They fought and had a great battle, in the end both of them had died. Orion was placed in the winter sky and Scorpius was placed in the summer sky so that they could not see each other again.


Orion is seen during the winter, November to February. The 7 main stars are Betelgeuse, Rige;, Bellatrix, Mintaka, Alnilam, Alnitak, and Saiph. Orion's belt is made of the three stars named Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak.