Wellfield Middle School Newsletter

5 February 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

We have had another very busy two weeks here at Wellfield and there is lots to share with you all.

Magistrates in the Community

Last week our Year 6 pupils had sessions from Magistrates in the community. Each class had to take part in a court drama, acting as magistrates, solicitors, witnesses, victims and other roles. I was delighted that all of our visiting guests commented upon the good behaviour of our pupils and what a pleasure it was to visit our school. Well done Year 6!

Year 6 visit to SafetyWorks

On Monday Year 6 travelled to the Safety Works in Newcastle. Once there, the pupils went through 5 separate scenarios all built into the building. These included a metro line, where we were taught the amount of volts which went through the wire, a dark alleyway, where we learnt about the difficulties anti social behaviour can have on a community and a hospital ward, where pupils were shown some emergency First Aid. The trip left the pupils with a variety of information which will help them stay safe in the future.

Year 7 workshops

Year 7 have been lucky enough to have a workshop from Dave Burns, who delivered a very interesting workshop on the effects and consequences of drugs.

The workshops started with a very engaging cooperative task, where students discussed any prior knowledge and media stories that they knew of. Dave followed this activity up with extending their knowledge of the dangers of taking drugs, as well as the consequences which may follow.

The students were enthralled in Dave's stories about people he knew, worked with and even a few sport stars that took drugs and how it changed their lives.

Students came out of the workshops with an enhanced understanding and a lot of their questions answered.

Year 5 Robotics

Year 5 enjoyed programming with Makeblock robots today. They were visited by a lecturer from Newcastle University who taught everyone how to use Scratch to make the robots move in all sorts of directions. They even got to use C programming which is used in industry - including by engineers for NASA! It was even better than last time (although even more challenging)!

Aaron A said "the afternoon was amazing because it's incredible how you can program on a laptop then upload it to the robot and have the bot move on its own. How do inventors do this?!"

Samuel T and Charlotte P "we really enjoyed the afternoon".

Coding Club - learning to code using Minecraft.

Pupils in Year 7 & 8 have been enjoying our new coding club. Working on Raspberry Pi's, they are learning to code in Python to interact with Minecraft. We've been building towers, moving around the world, and playing with Lava!

It's all great fun, and plenty of programming skills are being learnt as well.

Year 8 Pop Art

Year 8 have recently finished their Pop art unit, and have created some fantastic examples.


A reminder that aerosol sprays, including deodorants are not allowed in school. They can affect some students with asthma. If pupils would like to apply deodorant after PE, please could they bring a non-aerosol variety. Many thanks with your assistance.

Lost Property

Once again there is a large amount of unnamed lost property in school. If your child has lost anything, please check the lost property bins in the school entrance. Due to lack of storage space, any unclaimed lost property will be disposed of at the end of the half term. Thank you.

Metro Line Closures

Please note there will be some closures to the Metro lines in March which may affect some of our pupils who travel to school by Metro.

The major line closure in March/April is as follows:

Saturday 19 March to Saturday 2 April: Tynemouth - Shiremoor

There will be a second 15 day major line closure in July. This will happen from Saturday 23 July to Saturday 6 August.

Work will also take place over the weekend of March 5-6 and March 12-13 ahead of the first 15 day closure.

During both line closures frequent replacement bus services will be provided.


Well done to Owen!

Congratulations to Owen C in 6SE who has passed his level 1 BSL (British Sign Language) exam. Well done Owen.

Our budding Actress

Lottie in Year 6 has just completed filming for the next series of Wolfblood on CBBC. This is due to be on our television screens in March so look out for her. Well done Lottie!

More theatrical students!

Molly P and Becky S both performed in the Gang Show at Whitley Bay playhouse. Well done!

Gymnastics Success

Well done to Olivia S, Lucy T & Neve G, who were a part of the Youth level 4 micro team who won gold on Sunday 24th at Newcastle Open. They train as part of the Tyneside Gymnastics club. Well done girls!

Sports News

Year 6 Football

The Year 6 Boys' Football team went to Valley Gardens to compete in the Newcastle Foundations Cup, where they had a chance, if qualifying, to play at Everton FC. The boys turned up optimistic and ready to try their best. They had a very tough group, including Redesdale, Kings Priory and Fordley.

Their first game they drew 1-1 against Kings Priory, where Connor scored a driven-cross by Lucas into the top corner. The second game the boys went up against Fordley, where the lads wanted to redeem their selves and ran their socks off. The lads ended up winning 10-1, with a hat trick and 3 assists from Alfie. The final group stage game against Redesdale meant if Wellfield won they would go into the Semis. The lads took their previous games work effort into this game and worked extremely hard, playing some fantastic football and deservedly winning 4-0.

In the semis the Year 6 boys went up against very good Vallyer Gardens team. Valley kept the ball, tiring the Wellfield lads and ended up getting a goal. Movements later Alfie popped up in the box putting one away making it a draw. In the dying seconds of the game, Cooper put an amazing ball through to Lucas, where Lucas as 1-on-1 with the keeper and slotted it passed the keeper, ending the game 2-1. Wellfield were in the final!

The game against Hadrian Park would be tough, they had not lost a game yet. With a massive height and strength advantage, the Wellfield boys tried their hardest battling around the field. Some great defensive tackles from Tom, Aiden and Jaren, but unfortunately Hadrian Park scored 2 extremely powerful shots passed Tom. In the second half, the game was very even, both teams keeping possession. Then Tom, from his own box, launched the ball to the other side of pitch where Connor finished his chance, making and finishing the game 2-1. The Year 6 boys worked their socks off and did Wellfield very proud!

Girls Football Match Reports

Match 1 against George Stephenson

In match one against George Stephenson we won 4-0. Well done to scorers, Darcey, Joely, Helen and Lauren. Ella was captain and worked really well with Kate, who passed to Darcey, who then passed had a spectacular assist to Helen who scored an amazing goal in the first 2 minutes. Helen also got a very much deserved man of the match and the whole team played well. A big well done to Ellie, Millie and Amelia who did very well to keep a clean sheet.

Match 2 against John Spence

In our second match against John Spence, we played another 9 v 9 game to start. However, the John Spence coach decided to change it to 10 v 10 to keep the subs warm. In the first ten minute half, John Spence scored 3 goals. The defence played really well blocking lots of shots but the attack, though they had a few very good chances, did not manage to score. During the second half, again the whole team fell back and used good tactics to defend and stopped lots of shots turning to goals. Although everyone one played amazingly well, the opposition unfortunately managed to score another 2 goals. Darcey got man of the match as she played a brilliant first half in goal and an even better second half in defense. The whole team played fantastically and should be very proud of the way they played..

by Alex B, Ella W and Darcey N

Superb Newcastle Eagles

Year 5 headed off to the Lakeside centre on Wednesday to compete against 28 other teams at a Basketball event ran by the Newcastle Eagles. Wellfield put in some incredible performances in all their games and came back with 6 wins, 2 draws and one loss, leaving the event in a well contested semi final, losing 8-6. Two of our players, Kyle and Sarah were picked by the Eagles to be in their all star team for the day. Sarah for her dominant 30 points and Kyle for his ultra competitive never give up attitude. I was really impressed with all our players and they were a credit to the school.

Sports Leaders visit Denbigh

Our year 7 sport leaders went to Denbigh Primary school last week to take charge of their year 3 PE lessons. Pupils were putting their skills to the test by creating, planning and teaching a half an hour multi skills session to some very excited "little people" as one of them suggested. They all showed brilliant leadership and were so good that we have been invited back. It was great to see them out of their comfort zone and they impressed me with how adaptable they were.

Cricket Coaching available to Year 7 & 8

From the chance to shine team we have an excellent opportunity for cricket coaching on a Tuesday after school. Please see Mr Richardson for more details.

Upcoming Events and Dates for your diary.

The next few weeks are going to be busy with lots of visits and visitors already booked into the calendar:

8th -11th February - Raspberry Pi workshops with Year 8 and the CLC

9th February 6KW go to Nissan for a full day Tech project

9th February - A group of students from KS3 visit to the National Glass Centre

22nd February Key Stage 2 Theatre company in school presenting 'The Sword and the Stone'

25th February 6SE go to Nissan for a full day Tech project

29th February 6 pupils from Year 8 UK Maths Challenge in Heddon

1st March Year 6 internet safety workshop in school

10th March Year 5 30 pupils to attend a Pizza Express workshop

14th-18th March KS2 Bikeability

14th and 15th March British Science Week Themed Learning


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