Madrid, Spain

By:Jonathon Medina

10 Interest facts about Madrid, Spain

  • 4th richest city in Europe
  • Madrid is a symbol of a bear rearing up on his hind legs eating cherries
  • Intead of a toothfairy it is a toothmouse called ratoncito
  • It is the 3rd city most populous and the most visited in Europe
  • More than 6 million people live there
  • New Year's Eve is the celebration that they like the most
  • The Bankia Tower is the biggest building of all Madrid, Spain
  • Greenest city in europe
  • Science the 17th century Madrid has been the capital of Spain
  • The city has growened more than 2 million people
  • in the 1900s

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain is one of the most richest cities in Europe. I want to go to madrid because I want to see my favorite team ,and my favorite soccer player. Some othere reasons I want to visit these place is to go to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, city tour of Madrid and Prado Museum. There is a lot of fun to do in there thats why I want to go there because it is so awesome


  1. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
  2. City Tour of Madrid and Prado Museum
  3. Food Tour of Traditional Tapas Bar
  4. From the Rooftops Walking Tour with a Local
  5. Admision Park of Atractions of Madrid
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  1. How much will it cost? It will cost $3,270.81
  2. Lodging? It will be in Senator Gran Via 21
  3. Spending money? Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, City Tour of Madrid and Prado Museum, Food Tour of Traditional Tapas Bar, From the Rooftops Walking Tour With a Local, and Admision Park of Atractions of Madrid
  4. Food? Tonda ,and Bayres Beef for dinner and for breakfast cereal
  5. Travel? On a airplane
  6. Airfare? $2,041
  7. Gas? Im not going to use gas im going to travel by metro


  1. How long will it take to get to your destination? It will be in Madrid
  2. How far away is it? 11h 02m
  3. Who will you take with you? Nobody it will more expensive if i take someone with me
  4. How will you get there? I would take an airplane and than take a metro
  5. How long will you stay? I would stay for 8 days