written by Morgan Anders

The National State.

the Delaware state bird is the blue hen chicken .The state flower is the peach blossom. the capital is Dover and the population of Delaware is 925,749.the Delaware song is called "our Delaware" the words are by George B Hinson sang by MS Brown. the state tree is the American holly. the bordering states are Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. The soil they use is Greenwich. the tree is the American holly. Delaware has 21 collages. the highest point is Enright azimuth 42 feet the 49th tallest. the lowest point is the atlantic coast. Delaware is the only state without any nationl park system units such as nationl parks, sea shores , historic sites, battlefields , memorials and monuments. the sizes of Delaware is 2,489squre miles.

Famous People!

Famous people from delaware!

Valerie Bertinelli was an actress. Robert bird was an Montgomery author and an editor. Henry s. Canby is an author. Annie jump cannon is an astronomer in dover. Felix Darley is an artist. E.I du punt is a industrialist. henry teimlinch is a sergen and an inventor. wilham Julius Johnson is a basketball player. John Phillips was an author. George read is a singer. Caesar Rodney is also a singer. those are the famous people!

More Interesting Facts

the money the government pays to the democrats is 63.4% out of 4,107,492 [the governments money.]

the total money they spend on candidates party's that they have is 3,942,968. the money that at people donate = 5,385,030.

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Jazz Concert

Friday, Feb. 6th, 7:30pm

the old state house in dover

the address is 25 the green, dover DE 19901
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the picture above is not were the jazz concert is. But I thought it looked cool

More Money

the Delaware government pays pharmaceuticals and heath products $827,101. lawyers pay is a total of $704,802 that's a lot ! they pay $814,008 to Barrack Obama in 2012. when you go shopping there I no tax.