My Personality

Cade Harkner

Extrovert and Introvert

I am 54% extrovert(outgoing) and 46% introvert(shy)

Some Facts about My Personality

  • I'm a manager and a structured person
  • I know how to take into account peoples needs.
  • I'm able to listen to others
  • I have good emotional intelligence
  • I'm intellectual
  • l wonder before taking action

More about me

  • 35% focused on facts.
  • 33% attached to moral values and feelings,emotional relationship with enviorment.
  • 30% centered on thoughts and actions.


52% sensible(realistic)

47% will power(gut felling)


30% inspiration

69% family and friends

Point Of View

55% ideas

44% relations

More about me

  • Management skills=23%
  • Emotional intelligence=20%
  • Leadership=20%
  • Thinking=18%
  • Insights=17%
  • I know how to organize groups and to give them my energy
  • I'm attuned to others
  • I give support to people
  • im thoughtful and deep
  • I know how to communicate knowledge
  • I'm strong willed
  • I'm active
  • My actions are determined by my will
  • I set my goals myself
  • I need to act and move ahead