Eating Can Kill a Woman... or a Man

Binge Eating Disorder(BED)

How it starts

You become hungry as you're doing your regular business and get a couple of snacks. You eat them all and are still "hungry", you get even MORE snacks, enough to fill a truck and eat non-stop for a half hour and feel sick, disgusted, and guilt for eating too much. This continues for a week and you feel uncomfortable even looking at food. You have what is called Binge Eating Disorder(BED) which is a common disorder involving food.

What Is Binge Eating?

Binge eating is when you're addicted to eating. It kind of has the same affect as alcohol or cigarettes where you can't get enough of it, also you feel sick without having it. It is common around the globe at a staggering 7% of humans worldwide.

It affects many. many , MANY, people

It affects 3.5% women, 2% men, and 1.5% adloescents, GLOBALLY and is a very common disorder for people who love to eat and stuff like that.