"Liquid Sunshine"

Seattle, WA

Climate and Weather

The climate is very wet all year 'round and especially in the winter so if you are planning a vacation in the winter make sure to bring a rain coat and boots. Most of your days are likely to be mostly cloudy, rainy, with the chance of thunder and lightning storms.

Tourist Attractions

Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Pike's Place (Market), Ferris Wheel, Board Walk.

Space Needle

-For Older Audiences

Seattle Aquarium

-All ages

Pike's Place

-Young Adults+

Ferris Wheel

-All Ages

Board Walk

-All Ages

All located in the city, as well as many many coffee shops and excellent restaurants.

Longitude + Latitude

Located at:

47 27 North

122 18 West

Average Precipitation

Min: 1 inch

Max: 5.7 inches

If you are going on a vacation there in the Winter months plan on getting wet!


Sea Level


*Muck boots/ or some type of water-proof shoes.

*Rain jacket (You'll need it)


Plan for extreme amounts of rain and or flooding.

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Recommended Hotels

Holiday Inn Seattle- $101 per night

Hilton Seattle- $104 per night

Red Lion Hotel on 5th Avenue- $99 per night