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6-1-15: Season Finale

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During Checkout:

  • reverify the furniture list
  • create a one page document that indicates how many pieces of type of furniture you have, want to keep, and want to get rid of. Paper will be taped securely to your door. The purpose for this is so that the summer school teacher can attach the stickers to the furniture to be removed and still ensure that the exact amount of furniture that is to remain in your room does so.

Discipline: Just as many of you are ready for summer, so are the learners. Please take an extra dose of patience this week and soak up every last minute that you have with each and every learner...I promise, you are going to miss them :)

From Dr. Denison


This Survey is to measure engagement, teacher efficacy in utilizing flexible spacing, etc. I apologize for the late notice. We will leave this survey open until the end of school——PLEASE, take this survey (should only be 10 to 15 minutes) before you leave school this year?

Can you say...Yummy for my tummy??

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Contracts Anyone???!!!

Good Morning CISD Staff,

Today, Letters of Reasonable Assurance will be sent electronically to all paraprofessional and auxiliary staff. This process will work just like the electronic contract process that has already taken place for professional employees.

All paraprofessional and auxiliary staff will receive an email to their Coppell ISD account. This will come with a header that reads – “Do Not Reply – Talent Ed.” It will not come from Coppell ISD. To access the electronic letter, staff members may click on the link in the email or go directly to https://coppell.tedk12.com/records. The steps below must then be followed.

· Log into the Talent Ed Records system using your Coppell ISD user name and password

· You will see My TASKS page

· On the My TASKS page, you will see an ALL TASKS Bar, and your Letter of Reasonable Assurance will be listed here

· Click on Letter of Reasonable Assurance to bring your letter up for review and signature

· Scroll down to the bottom of your letter

· Check the box that you agree

· Type your name into the signature box

· Click submit

Campus and District Administrators please note, that some staff members who receive this letter may not have access to a computer on a daily basis. Please work with those staff members to locate a computer from which they can log in and complete this important task.

All Letters of Reasonable Assurance must be signed by the close of business on Tuesday, May 26th.

For questions about or assistance with this process, please contact Jane Scott (jscott@coppellisd.com) or me (kstreeter@coppellisd.com).


Kristen Streeter

Exective Director of Human Resources

Coppell ISD



Social Studies

The School Board approved our Instructional Materials recommendation for the following:

K-3 and 5th Grade: TCI(History Alive)

4th Grade: Pearson

Summer Professional Learning Opportunities

at REGION 10

June 12th U.S. History Conference

June 18th 6th Grade World Cultures Conference

June 22nd Texas History Day

June 24th Formative Assessment Strategies and Techniques

July 14th World Geography Conference

July 16th World History Conference

June 29th TCI(History Alive)Strategy Training for K-5


July 27th TCI(History Alive)Strategy Training for 6-12 Educators

Visit: www.region10.org to Register!

Language and Literacy

Language & Literacy: Heather Cato

Just a reminder, all data for the EOY assessments need to be in Aware by May 27th.

Information regarding elementary and middle school End of Year Literacy Assessments can be found on the Language and Literacy Site https://sites.google.com/a/g.coppellisd.com/cisd-language-literacy/rti/district-assessments

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs: Regina Owens

  • 1. Dual Language Immersion: We are excited to host our first Dual Language Immersion Institute on August 11th and 12th this summer with a focus on Language Acquisition. Our educators will meet for two days to learn about the theory and best practices of language acquisition while ensuring continuous improvement for all educators and learners with operational guidelines for the program and expectations for dual language classrooms.
  • 2. Pre-Kindergarten: Pre-K and kindergarten educators convened one of their first district wide meetings to align the Pre-K Guidelines and new kinder TEKS to ensure our pre-k learners are working to meet the same performance tasks district wide. In addition, the educators are working to pen classroom environment expectations, design expectations, and curriculum alignment as we prepare for the possibility to have more pre-k learners and educators in the future if House Bill 4 is signed by our governor. We have partnered with Commit! A non-profit organization who is working to increase kindergarten readiness, streamline pre-k enrollment, and increase parental awareness across the DFW area.

Service Learning: Service Learning is now officially Global Connections. We will launch our first Global Learning Community this summer. This group of educators will work as a cohort to actualize global dispositions for learners as we continue to do a great job with embedding technology and service learning. Educators are applying to participate with a focus on professional learning and building capacity for the upcoming 2015-2016 school

Science: Linda Cook

Science Content Specialists will be delivering "Science Camp for Teachers" after-school trainings three different times during the year next year. Each of the trainings will model hands-on inquiry based experiences that may be implemented within the classroom. Educator participants will choose from a list of topics (more details to come). We are working to coordinate the dates with math and language arts trainings to avoid conflicts.

Page Keeley will be coming to Coppell ISD on Wednesday and Thursday, October 14th and 15th. Subs for educators will be provided. The focus of the training will be Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Science, based on Keeley's new book. She will also model the effective use of formative assessment to drive instructional decisions. The training will be provided for a vertical science team from each elementary (6 teachers per campus), all middle school and NTH@C science educators, and 6-8 CHS science educators.

Navigating Through Discovery Education - Our Discovery Education reps as well as David Noel will provide support for deeper navigation through our online text resource through PLC, vertical team, or department meetings as needed next year. Let me know if this is something that your campus needs.

GTi: Deana Harrell

GT 6 Hour Updates and initial 30 Hour Trainings

The GTi Specialists and I have created several 6 hour modules available for the GT 6 hour update, however, the release of those modules is on hold until they are migrated into Schoology. Educators wishing to complete their 6-hour updates need to check their email over the summer. We will notify everyone when enrollment is opened.

As a reminder, any new classroom educator at the elementary level needs to complete their GT 30 hours by the end of the 1st semester. Any educator in the core areas in middle school and those teaching Pre-AP (or the equivalent), AP, IB and GT courses at the high school level need to complete the 30 hour GT training. Enrollment for that course will also be available this summer and again in the fall as soon as it is migrated to Schoology.

GT and Social Studies Professional Learning Opportunities

The DFW World Affairs Council is hosting a FREE Global Classroom Workshop at Region 10 on Thursday, June 25th – Saturday, June 27th. This is an amazing learning opportunity and it offers 18 GT hours. Spaces are filling up fast. Interested educators can register here.

For those wondering about the AP interviews...Here's the highlight...

Kmart's 'Ship My Pants' Commercial [HD]

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

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