The Water Cycle

By: Haley Dermon & Austin Beach

The water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle or the H2O cycle, describes the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth. There are

What will happen to the organisms of the ecosystem due to human activity?

If the water cycle is disrupted by human activity, then the organisms in this ecosystem could be affected positively or negatively. For example a human activity happens often is pollution to the water. We add substances to the water, intentionally or not. As precipitation falls on the ground and moves into rivers and creeks, it picks up a whole range of pollutants . In rural areas these pollutants may include farm pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers as well as wastes from faulty septic systems and improperly handled manure. In urban areas the pollutants may include gas, oil, pet wastes, fertilizers, pesticides, salt and treated human waste from sewage treatment plants

Does human activity affect my ecosystem where I live?

The removal of trees (deforestation) is having a major impact on the water cycle, as local and global climates change.

Normally, trees releases water vapor when they transpire, producing a localized humidity. This water vapor then evaporates into the atmosphere where it accumulates before precipitating back to the Earth as rain, sleet or snow. Deforestation in one area can therefore affect the weather in another area because if trees are cut down, there is less water to be evaporated into the atmosphere and subsequently less rain.

At a local level, the land becomes drier and less stable. When it rains, instead of the water being soaked up, there is increased run-off and leaching. Areas can become more prone to both droughts and flooding, impacting on plants and animals, and also humans living near deforested areas.

What problems happen due to human activity?

A problem that could arise from a human activity could be pollution in the air. As a stage in the water cycle, evaporation takes the water form the ground and water sources and puts it back into the atmosphere. When the water gets put back into the atmosphere the pollution from the water goes with it. The pollution staying with the water can cause pollution into the atmosphere. This pollution can affect all organisms.

What would you recommend to take and bring awareness to find solutions to problems dealing with the Water Cycle?

Go to river sweeps and clean as much garbage out of the bodies of water. Also, try not to pollute the water as much as we do today. It affects the water in negative ways and changes the water cycle dramatically.