House for sale

asking price: 19 000 000

The house

There is a big house and have many rooms. There is four bedrooms and one walking closet. There is a big kitchen and a living room.There is a bathroom with a jacuzzi. There is a big pool and the garden is very beautiful whit many flowers and shrubs that it amazing to look at.

The kitchen

The kitchen is very big and you can have many guests on visit and invite them to dinner. The might be jealousy. There is a morden design and almost everything is new.

for sale for 19 000 000

The living room

In the living room it is many armchairs and sofas. There is a balcony whit views over the beautiful blue ocean. You can sit there and eat dinner because it is a table and chairs out there. The chairs and the table are hand forgings of a big designer

the neigbourhood

There are three kinder gardens and two schools. If you want to get out and eat there are many restaurangs you can choose. The are many shops if you have things you most buy. There is one shop that is open all the night. There are a park wen you can play whit your friend,child ore you pets. There are many sports you can choose about. If you like fotball there are many teams who like to have you. Your neighbors will help you to find in the neigbourhood.