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March 22nd, 2019

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

We've made it to Spring Break! I hope everyone finds time this week for some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Last week CDS had the opportunity to spend time with visitors from The Dalton School in New York - the school after which we are modeled. Mr. Musick (Director of Strategic Engagement and Professional Growth) and Ms. Brizzolara (Director of STEM) engaged with students, teachers and administration throughout the week. Mr. Musick and Ms. Brizzolara shared valuable feedback not only about what our school can work to improve upon, but also what we're doing well, and what we have in common with their school. Overall, it was an exciting and inspiring experience, and I look forward to seeing how the relationship between our schools can grow.

April will be a busy and exciting month for CDS Middle School. Spring CCs and ASPs will begin on Monday, April 1st, and on April 6th (the first weekend back) our 5th graders will complete alongside Grade 4s in this year's Battle of the Books. CDS is proud to be hosting this year's Battle for the first time. We look forward to welcoming hundreds of people to our campus for this event including students, parents, coaches, and judges from 10 international schools. We're very thankful for our library team, Ms. Choo and Ms. Menzel, for their hard work and preparation.

Also coming up the first weekend in April, our Boys & Girls Basketball teams will compete in their first jamborees of the season. Finally, students are getting excited for the Talent Show on April 17th, and of course, Adventure Korea at the end of the month!

Have a safe and restful break!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) is coming up on April 12th from 9:00AM - 4:00PM.

* Individual teacher booking forms will be sent out the first week of April.

Attending PTCs in the Spring is a great way to learn about your child's academic growth over the course of the school year. At this point, teachers have spent significant time observing and interacting with your children in and outside of the classroom. As such, they can also provide helpful insights about your child's social and emotional development.

Excellent student work will be exhibited in the Middle School Lounge on PTC day, and the High School Interpreter Club will be available to help with Korean/English communication. We can also arrange Spanish and Chinese interpreters if necessary.

We encourage all parents to attend this important event on April 12th.

- Mr. Scoville

Adventure Korea Update (April 24th - 26th)

CDS teachers are working hard to prepare final itineraries, room assignments, and packing lists for the upcoming experiential learning trip. In the coming weeks we will be sending home permission slips, medical information forms, and behavior expectations. If you have any questions in the meanwhile, please feel free to contact the MS Office.
Tentative Grade 5 & 6 Itinerary - Adventure Korea

Click the button to view the itinerary

Tentative Grade 7 & 8 Itinerary - Adventure Korea

Click the button to view the itinerary

2018-19 Spring Season - CC & ASPs

Student rosters for Spring CCs and ASPs are now available. You can check your child's enrollment by clicking the links below. Please contact the MS Office if you have any questions.
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[Upcoming Events]

Chinese Vocal Music Festival

The 2019 MS Chinese Vocal Music Festival is coming up. Students will perform Chinese songs related to Chinese culture and this performance will be linked with their Term#4 project.

There are 3 categories students can participate with a solo performance or a group performance: MS Beginner, MS Intermediate and MS Advance. 3 outstanding works from each category will be selected to attend this festival and be awarded.

Students taking WL Chinese classes can attend as audience members if they sign up first. Chinese teachers may give them participation points. We welcome you to participate in this event and experience Chinese culture.

- Mrs. Liu

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Silent Art Auction

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Yearbook - House Photos!

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Battle of the Books Volunteer Sign-up Form

Click the button to help out!

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[This week, around CDS MS]

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Calculating Speed in Science with Mr. Keel

This week in 5th grade General Science class we investigated how ramps can affect speed. Students placed ramps at different angles and used physics equations to calculate the speed of a rolling ball. Students had to work together, perform some difficult calculations, and analyze their results to reveal how ramps can impact the motion of moving objects. Students had a lot of fun and practiced collaborating, they were definitely on a roll!

- Mr. Keel

Korean with Mr. Kim

6학년의 Term 4 프로젝트는 인터뷰 활동입니다. 먼저 같은 모둠에 속한 친구들과 상의해서 어떤 일에 관심이 있는지 정했습니다. 그리고, 인터뷰 대상을 정하고 약속을 잡았습니다. 또 질문 내용을 서로 토의하고, 인터뷰 대상과 관련된 정보를 미리 조사하여 인터뷰 계획을 세웠습니다. 예의를 갖추어 인터뷰를 하고, 인터뷰 후에는 학교에 돌아와 포스터와 슬라이드를 만들 예정입니다. 그리고, 발표를 한 후에, 전체 활동에 대한 평가 보고서를 쓸 예정입니다.

이번 인터뷰 프로젝트의 가장 큰 목적은 학생들 스스로 프로젝트 전체 과정을 만들어 가는 경험을 하는 것입니다. 부모님이나 선생님 등 주변 어른들의 도움을 받지 않고, 모둠 친구들과 인터뷰 대상을 정하고, 약속을 잡고, 인터뷰하는 과정을 경험하고 있습니다. 이를 통해 인터뷰의 어려움과 중요함, 서로 자기 일정을 양보하는 마음, 새로운 일에 대한 도전, 프로젝트를 완성하는 성취감 등을 느낄 것입니다.

The Term 4 project for 6th grade is an interview activity. First, each group of students decided what they were interested in. Then, we set up an interview plan and made an appointment. We discussed the questions and researched information for the interview. Students will do a polite interview, and after the interview, we will come back to school and make posters and slides for presentation. After the presentation, we will write a reflection report on the whole activity.

The main purpose of this interview project is to experience the whole project ourselves. Without the help of parents or teachers, we are making the entire process of interview; deciding interviewee, making appointments and interviewing. Through this project students will feel about the difficulty and importance of the interview, the willingness to compromise their schedule, the challenge to new work, and the accomplishment from the project completion.

- Mr. Kim

2019 Geography Bee

The 2019 Geography Bee pitted our four CDS Dalton Cup teams in a battle of wits to determine which team would reign supreme. After two rounds of questioning that tested their map skills, current events, and content knowledge; our champion was Cheongna, represented by Rocky Kim (5A) & Joon Jung (7A).

If you want to test your geography skills, here are two sample questions from the event.

1. The flag of this mountainous country is the only non-rectangular flag in the world.

2. The Panama Canal (located in Panama) connects which two oceans?

Final Standings:

1. Cheongna 2. Dalton 3. Korea 4. Phoenix

- Mr. Thach & Mr. Drews

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Parent Information Session

We would like to thank all parents who attended Parent Information Session #4. Our high school College Counselor, Mr. Lee, shared information on how CDS High School prepares students for acceptance to universities in Korea and abroad. Many great questions were asked, and I hope parents walked away from the session with a better understanding of our process.
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S.T.A.M.P - Mentoring Club

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[MS Athletics]

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Middle School Documents

Please submit it to MS Office

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Upcoming Events

  • 3/25-29 - Spring Break

  • 4/1 - Spring Season ASPs & CCs begin

  • 4/3 - Chinese Vocal Music Festival

  • 4/4 - Spanish Creative Writing Competition

  • 4/5 - Grade 5 & 7's Science Field Trip @ Seoul Botanic Garden

  • 4/6 - Battle of the Books @CDS

  • 4/8-4/12 - Silent Art Auction

  • 4/11 - 8th Grade High School Orientation

  • 4/12 - Parent Teacher Conference

  • 4/13 - G5 Track and Field @CI