2MU News

Weeks of December 14, 2015 & December 23, 2015

Dear Parents,

I truly enjoyed meting and speaking with each of you during Parent Conferences! We make an awesome team and I am so glad I am able to share in your child's learning experience.

The past 2 week's have been very busy for 2MU as I am sure it has been for your. Read on to discover all of our wonderful learning activities.


  • We read Hansel and Gretel and wrote a Beginning, Middle, and End story summary.
  • To go along with the story, we created our very own Gingerbread houses out of milk cartons and foam stickers. Check out our creations below.
  • We read The Fisherman and His Wife. The moral of the story is to be thankful for what you have. The children wrote a literature response to the question

Golden fish from the sea,

Golden fish, please come to me.

I would like a special wish,

Will you grant it, golden fish?

The children then wrote their one wish. Be sure to check out our classroom bulletin board to see their wishes.

  • We read Cinder-Elly...a funny rhyming version of Cinderella.
  • As a culminating activity for Cinderella, we joined the other 2 second grade classes to watch the Disney Cinderella movie


  • We used data record keeping charts while collecting data for our Lab Reports. The charts helped us present our results like real scientists and helped us keep our results organized.
  • During Writers' Workshop, the children worked on writing their own personal version of Cinderella. The stories were very creative. Be sure to have your child share their story with you.


  • During Math these past 2 weeks, we began Unit 4 learning about time as well as a.m. and p.m.
  • We read the Jolly Postman and tracked his mail route by calculating the total miles he traveled.

Other Activities

  • The children drew a Cinderella Symbol to depict their one prominent symbol that represents Cinderella to them. For example, a glass slipper, a mouse, a pumpkin, or a magical wand.
  • We earned a Reading Retreat! Way to go 2MU!
  • We attended the Blue Ribbon Ceremony ~ Guest Presenter: Congressman Norcross!
  • We met with our 4L buddies to make cards for Sa'Fyre Terry~ an 8 year old girl was burned in a tragic fire. Her Christmas wish was to receive as many cards as possible from around the world. We were happy to help fulfill her wish! (Please note~ we did not share this story with the children~ just explained we were making cards for a girl who was less fortunate than us.)
  • We watched the Cinderella Movie with our Second Grade Friends from 2G and 2M

Math ~ Making Gingerbread Houses

Sharing Our Expository Writing About Gingerbread Houses.

Reading~ Hansel and Gretel Summarizing Activity

Cinderella Symbols

Writers' Workshop ~ Writing Like Scientist Using Charts to Record & Present Catapult Experiment Data

Reading Retreat ~ Way to Go 2MU

Blue Ribbon Ceremoney

Making Holiday Cards with Our 4L Buddies

Sharing Our Own Version of Cinderella Stories

Second Grade Cinderella Movie Theatre