When Good Ideas Go Bad

By Bennett Soderberg

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This symbolically represents good ideas going bad because usually a light bulb represents when you have a good idea, if that Good idea goes bad, then it is symbolically broken.

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172 Hours on the Moon

The Park Service

The Maze Runner

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A maze is symbolic to The Maze Runner because this book is about a group of teens who get sent down into the maze at different times and they have to survive. The maze makes them make good ideas that will turn bad like when Thomas enters the maze to save Alby and Minho. That is the good idea because he is saving someone. Then he realizes he is trapped in the maze.

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Real Life Example

Epic 10,000 Water Balloon Fight
This is a real life example of good ideas going bad because it is a good idea to have a giant water balloon fight because it is fun and a good way to cool off but then when you are done with the water balloon fight you will have to pick up all of the used water balloon remnants. at that point you may start to regret of having a water balloon fight.

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Gettysburg soldiers song
This song represents "what happens when a good idea goes bad?" because the battle that this is about Gettysburg and on the third day of the battle Confederate General Picket led a charge that seemed like a good idea at the time but when the charge was over General Picket lost his whole regiment.

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Relevance on My Life

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This is a drawing of me when i was younger I was climbing a tree and that was a good idea because usually climbing trees is fun. I started climbing higher and the branches started getting thinner and then i heard a crack and i was falling. When I woke up I had a broken wrist, broken leg and a minor concussion.